Sam Adams: He'll do anything on a dare.

From the Portland Mercury:

Like hovering alien pods, the aerial tram cars hung perfectly still from their tracks over the Lair Hill neighborhood in Southwest Portland last Friday, December 8. But instead of searching for fresh probing victims, the tram cars were there to make a point—that the tram is perfectly safe.

To prove that point, City Commissioner Sam Adams volunteered to be lowered out of the suspended tram car—150 feet or so up—by a complicated system of ropes and pulleys. ...

The most important lesson for the public to take from this publicity stunt: Adams will pretty much do anything on a dare.

And just in case you weren't there in person, here's the video:


  • Idareyousam (unverified)

    Ok, here's a dare for Sam. At the end of the year there is a race at midnight. Sam how about signing up for the race, but you have to wear a diaper and go as the New Years baby. I'll donate money to a charity you pick and get some people to match my donation.

  • (Show?)

    Smart politics, Sam. And how about a woot woot! for the PFR tech rescue team out of the Big House at Station 1??

  • jack (unverified)
    <h2>I wonder if he would have volunteered yesterday during a power outage and 50 mph winds.</h2>
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