Smith '08: Susan Castillo? John Frohnmayer?

Yesterday, the Associated Press did a round-up of recent news about Gordon Smith's 2008 campaign. Most of the news was previously covered here at BlueOregon - from Kitzhaber to Westlund. But the AP reported this original item:

Beyond Blumenauer and DeFazio, the field of possible hopefuls widens considerably, though one possible candidate, State Schools Superintendent Susan Castillo, has already essentially withdrawn. Deputy Superintendent Ed Dennis, one of her closest aides, said this week that the race is just not ''where her head is at.''

The AP also reported on the widespread rumor that John Frohnmayer might run as an independent:

There could also be a political wild card in the race, should Independent John Frohnmayer - brother of former Attorney General and current University of Oregon President Dave Frohnmayer - follow up on his hints that he'll enter the race. Frohnmayer, who chaired the National Endowment for the Arts under the first President Bush, said last summer that he might consider a run at the seat.


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