Bushies retaliate against Guantanamo lawyers

Jack Bogdanski, a law professor by day, is pissed off at George W. Bush:

The man and his administration are so bad -- we're the laughingstock, Satan, or both for 90 percent of the world -- that it really defies any words that I could come up with. "Worst President ever," true as it is, doesn't quite capture it.

Insane fiscal "policy," war-mongering, fear-mongering, elitism, abuse of power, torture, rendition, Big Brother surveillance, viciousness, hypocrisy -- these guys have it all. Dumb and mean. They make Nixon look like Truman. Maybe the whole idea is to make Bush's father seem better by comparison. After his worthless son is through with the country, Daddy will resemble FDR, relatively speaking.

What in particular has him steamed?

Bush national security types and their radio stooges are actually out there demanding that corporations refuse to do business with any law firm whose members volunteer their time to represent detainees in our prison camp in Guantanamo, Cuba. ...

The way this country is set up, if you have rights, then you are entitled to an attorney to help you vindicate them, particularly if you're being sent to prison. Every criminal, no matter how heinous his or her deeds, has a right to counsel.

But now if a courageous lawyer decides to take a detainee's case on a pro bono basis, the Bush administration urges American businesses to retaliate against that lawyer by firing the entire law firm in which the lawyer works.

Head on over to Jack Bog's blog to discuss.


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