Oregon House GOP Shifts Gears

Jeff Alworth

The Oregon House Republicans have posted their priorities for the 2007 legislative session.  Glancing through them, one can't help but asking: where the hell has this agenda been for the past eight sessions?  Major points:

A couple of days ago, I wrote that I hoped the Dems would use their leadership to select policy issues they could quickly pass with Republican support.  Rebuilding social service and education infrastructure damaged by years of short-sighted leadership looks to be a point of agreement.  The GOP even claim to want a rainy day fund.  Although the list is salted with a few ideological non-starters--protecting Measure 37, cutting capital gains taxes--this reads like a pretty decent to-do list.  And since these are the GOP's central priorities, no doubt they'll be delighted to support Dems in finding money to fund them.

For 16 years, the House GOP has shown a failure to lead.  I take this as a commitment to follow.

  • LT (unverified)

    Now, if they will only define "House Republicans will call for a sustainable budget, and require efficiency, accountability and transparency from state government." we will be in great shape.

    But given recent experience, how do we know what sustainable efficiency accountability transparency

    really mean to the GOP?

    If, for instance, it means examining administrator pay packages in school districts and elsewhere the way Republican legislators turned the microscope on hard working union employees, if it means audits of budgets and re-examination of tax breaks which have been on the books for years, if it means explaining their actions by holding press conferences and community meetings, then more power to them.

    I will wait to see the details.

  • genop (unverified)

    pssst, you've gotta be in the club to know what those platitudes mean. I guess we have identified some common ground - the espousel of great sounding platitudes. Actions, baby - walk the walk-bust a legislative move-do the centrist non-partisan dance and fix some problems - please?

  • (Show?)

    The Republicans have always claimed that, "House Republicans will work to assure a quality education for all Oregon children. House Republicans believe every Oregon student should have the opportunity to gain a university education that prepares them for the 21st Century workforce."

    I haven't seen a single Republican candidate or wasn't for a great public school system. However, when it came to putting money into it....not so much. First they deny that there is a link between spending and quality education, then they claim that there is plenty of money, if only it was spent in the classroom instead of elsewhere. When it comes to actually showing how the budgets would work on specifics, thats when they disappear.

    The real problem over the past two decades is that the public gets so little information on what happens in Salem that they can not separate the rhetoric from the action.

  • Anthony (unverified)

    To me it sounds as if the Oregon GOP are adjusting to the new reality of surviving in an ever-increasingly blue Oregon (no pun intended). More than likely this is just more empty platitudes from these guys. We'll all have to wait and see.

  • Barbara (unverified)

    "More than likely this is just more empty platitudes from these guys" Whereas the Democratic platitudes are full platitudes?

  • Jim (unverified)

    It's hilarious to see the party of creationism and "intelligent design" claim that it wants a quality education for all children. Republicans have shown time and time again that they want anything but a quality education for our state's children.

  • (Show?)

    Put your index finger in your mouth. Now reach high in the air with same finger and ask which way is the wind blowing?

  • Rick (unverified)

    Sorry, but the cynic in me sees the dems doing nothing also, just from a different angle.

  • Rep. Dave Hunt (unverified)

    Oregon House Democrats put out our Roadmap for Oregon's Future last summer with a clear pledge to demonstrate leadership on these important issues if Oregonians elected a Democratic majority.

    They did. And we will.

    I'm delighted to see that the House Republicans have now endorsed so many of our policy goals: strong schools, healthy kids and families, more state police, economic development, a real rainy day fund, stronger audits, fiscal responsibility, etc. We welcome their support, since House Democrats have consistently fought for these important objectives while in the minority. We now stand ready to deliver real results since Oregonians have placed their trust and the majority in our hands.

    Help is on the way.

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