Watching the Legislature

Starting this session, the Oregon Legislature will now be live on television - with video available online. From the O's blog:

Maybe not as scintillating as "Desperate Housewives," but sometimes witty in their own way -- the Oregon Legislature hits the television airwaves on opening day, Jan. 8.

Look for The Oregon Channel, broadcast over the airwaves on a digital television channel available in most of the state's largest cities served by Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) or Southern Oregon Public Television (SOPTV). The channel will also be available on participating digital cable systems, including Comcast, Charter, Bend Broadband and Clear Creek Cable.

Programming will include unedited, gavel-to-gavel coverage of Senate and House floor sessions, committee hearings, Capitol news conferences (don't miss those!) and other state government events of statewide interest.

It's all online at

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    Damn, let a guy go to lunch, willya? I thought we might actually beat BlueO with this story. we even got it straight from OPB's newsletter, rather than the O's feckless blog. Sucks having a day job, sometimes.

    Petty scoop-obsessions aside, what a great thing, eh? Destined to become the Oregon blogger's best friend!

  • Greg (unverified)

    Good to hear about the digital cable feed, but the streaming video is hardly news - they've been up and streaming for the past two legislative sessions. In my previous job I was one of the people who ran the streaming servers for DAS. I'm a bit baffled as to why the O has only now clued in to it.

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    Thanks, Greg. I certainly didn't realize you could get streaming online video of every single hearing room simultaneously.

    I just noticed the killer logo over at Yeah, it's the OC.

  • THE WOLFE (unverified)

    I can't wait to see the Ways and Means Gerneral Government Sub-Committee hearing on Southern Oregon Viticulture.

    <h2>That will rock!</h2>
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