Steve Novick: "lean and hungry"

On the Statesman-Journal blog, Dana Haynes had this to say about Steve Novick and the possibility of a US Senate campaign:

Pretty much everyone at the Capitol knows Steve Novick. He’s a policy analyst, a first-class wonk, a former caucus administrator for the Senate Democrats, a former legislative coordinator for the Oregon Department of Education, etc. He’s done it all.

He’s also quick-witted and, generally speaking, the average IQ in a room bobs up about 70 points whenever he walks in.

He’s also a blogger at the progressive Web site Where, of late, he’s been hammering away non-stop against Sen. Gordon Smith, R-Ore. ...

I’ve known Novick for some years now, and, like Cassius, he has that lean and hungry look. He’s mentioned in the past that he’d like to step out from behind the curtain; stop advising lawmakers and become a lawmaker.

It makes one wonder if he has his eyes on Smith’s Senate seat, which comes up for a vote in 2008.

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Unlike the Oregonian's blog, the SSJ's commenting functionality actually works. So, discuss over there.


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