A tale of two senators

Smith_and_wydenSomehow, we missed this when it was first posted - but it's still worth sharing.

In addition to blogging here at BlueOregon, former Congressman Les AuCoin has his own blog. And six weeks ago, he posted an item entitled "Mr. Topper & Mr. Get-It-Done".

In contrast to Gordo or, as I like to say, “Mr. Topper” (the ghost in the 50’s TV show who was invisible except for his silk hat), Ron is making real things—major things, positive things—happen so often they seem routine.

As the self-described "world’s resident expert in the political non-coverage habits of The Oregonian", AuCoin takes note of their O's coverage of Gordon Smith - and non-coverage of Ron Wyden.

Yet the O doesn’t spill much ink on its editorial page on paeans or big photos of the senior senator. It rations it for its clear favorite, Mr. Topper. Oh sure, the paper finally got embarrassed enough with Gordo’s waffling on the war that, this morning, it mildly rebuked him. But that’s not the point.

The point is—and I say this as one whose congressional relationship with Wyden was famously testy at times— when will this state’s largest paper finally start engaging in significant editorial analysis of the work of this state’s only real senator?

Read the rest. Discuss over there.


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