All Dorchester, All the Time

It sure was a busy weekend over at Loaded Orygun. Carla, one of the two lead bloggers, spent the weekend at Dorchester - the annual right-wing lovefest.

Here's some headlines and highlights.

A Stranger In A Strange Land

But my big coup so far is shaking hands with Senator Gordon Smith. When I mentioned to him that I write for a progressive blog, he kept his smile glued on tight and said, "Progressive? That makes you doubly welcome here". Uh..okay.

Okay...Republicans drop the "F" bomb

Wayne Scott is up. He's about to introduce the GOP legislative caucus who appear,for the most part, to be here. But first, we have to endure his babble about how Democrats will soon lose their grip on power in Oregon because all us libruls are big bad tax raising, tree hugging bad guys who want to turn Oregon into the new USSR.

The white dude contingent

Bruce Starr... has a kick ass leather jacket.

Gordon Smith's Dorchester Town Hall

...why he's flip-flopped on Iraq...sort of...this is to head off angry questions from the Bushophiles on this topic....

Dorcester Dispatch: Saturday AM of the organizers stopped by to warn me not to quote delegates on the blog without letting them know who I am. Which is frankly annoying as hell--because I wanted to be considered PRESS for this event and would have worn a big orange press ribbon on my name badge. But nooooo...they made me pay the regular fee to attend this thing as a delegate and now they're uncomfortable with the fact that I'm sitting here inside writing about it.

Walden goes for the red meat

The Oregon Democrats are a bunch of arrogant, preening, overconfident liberals have overestimated their popularity and are ripe for a smack down. Republicans are about to come roaring back. Recent GOP losses are simply about a mid-term war time election or because some of our guy's were naughty. ...

Reelect Gordon Smith
Take back Oregon House
Win the Guv's race (Scuttle here is that Walden may run)
Set the table to win back the OR Senate by 2012
Win Secretary of State

Dorchester Tent Show--it just keeps going..and going...and going...

The Tent Show just ended after an excruciatingly loooooooong two hours mostly consisting of the trifecta of GOP bashing: Hillary, Taxes and the OEA. This group has a serious boner for those three things--and ain't pretty.

Dorchester: The good, the bad, the ugly--the end

So individually there are some rational, interesting, articulate and thoughtful Republicans at the Dorchester Conference. Its just when you get them into a group and that mentality kicks in that they lose me--and become that rabid set of crazies we all hear tell about.

Dorchester Republicans Pick...Giuliani for Pres??

Giuliani is the choice of the Oregon right wing? Really? Do they even know what the guy stands for, or are they just desperate for someone who doesn't have "19th century troglodyte" stamped in ink on their forehead? ... Does it shock no one, that Oregon Republicans have just indicated at one of their biggest functions of the year that their favorite candidate for President is a thrice-divorced, pro-gay, pro-choice, pro-gun control, "pro-illegal immigrant" guy whose own son won't help him get elected?

Of course, they've got comments over at Loaded Orygun - so give 'em some love, and discuss over there.


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