DPO Chair Straw Poll

Tomorrow is the election for chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon. The state party will elect its first new chair in eight years -- and there are four excellent candidates running.

Here at BlueOregon, we've provided lots of coverage for the candidates - including "Why I'm Running" guest columns from Dan Carol, Mac Prichard, Meredith Wood Smith, and Carol Voisin. All four candidates have answered open questions (one, two, three)

The only people who will get to vote are the roughly 125 state delegates elected at the county party level (and some alternates filling in.) But here at BlueOregon, we'd like to know what our readers think. So, we're running a little one-question straw poll.

We are, though, asking you to rank all four candidates -- and on Saturday morning, we'll post the "instant runoff" -style outcome of the vote.

This straw poll closes on midnight Friday night.

Some important caveats:

* This is not a scientific poll.
* Anybody can vote, including non-delegates and non-Democrats.
* Our vote is a ranked vote, while the real vote is a pick-one vote.
* Don't assume that this will predict the Saturday outcome (see above.)

If you're a candidate or a die-hard supporter of a candidate, please note the above -- "winning" the BlueOregon straw poll doesn't actually win you any votes or special parting gifts. We suggest spending your last few hours working to win actual DPO votes -- not gaming our straw poll.

On Saturday, we'll have live-blogging coverage straight from the convention. Until then... discuss!

Update: Some Mac/Firefox users can't see the poll. Click here.

  • BrianM (unverified)

    Anybody can vote... except, apparently, Mac users browsing with Safari (I'm on 10.4.7 with Safari version 2.0.4).

  • BrianM (unverified)

    Oops, my bad - I had to turn on "Accept cookies - Always" in Safari preferences before I could see the survey.

    I had "Accept cookies - only from sites you navigate to" selected previously.

  • (Show?)

    Sorry, Brian... yeah, you gotta turn on cookies.

  • (Show?)

    One more important caveat. Before I run the numbers with the final results tomorrow morning, I'll be doing a manual scan for ballot-box-stuffing.

    SurveyMonkey.com does a pretty good job of blocking most attempts at that. The rest we'll catch manually.

    So don't bother trying.

  • (Show?)

    Careful, Kari. You're just going to turn it into a challenge.

    Of the four candidates for chair, "17yearOldHackerWithAnOpinion" will be the surprise winner. ;-)

  • alice (unverified)

    well, i cannot get in for the straw poll.. but my vote is for Dan Carol.


  • (Show?)

    What do we do now that Carol has withdrawn here name from consideration?

    I had her as my second choice out of the 4

  • (Show?)

    When I do the IRV thing, she'll be the first one to drop out - so your vote will just move to the next level.

    Remember, under IRV, your first-place votes are the only ones that count in the first round. If no one has a majority, the bottom candidate drops off, and anyone who had him/her as their #1 has their vote moved to their #2 choice -- which counts as their full vote.

    <h2>(This isn't point scoring system - like a college football poll - where it's 4 pts for #1, 3 pts for #2, etc. Rather, every person gets only one vote - and that vote just moves down their personal list whenever their highest ranking choice gets eliminated.)</h2>
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