Elizabeth Edwards: The cancer is back, but the campaign continues

Elizabeth and John Edwards announced this morning that her cancer is back - but that the Edwards for President campaign will continue. From MSNBC:

The wife of Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards has a recurrence of her cancer, but her husband's campaign for the presidency will go on, the candidate said Thursday.

“We are very optimistic about this,” Edwards said. “Having been through some struggles in the past, we know the key is to keep your head up and keep moving.”

“We feel incredibly optimistic. I do not expect my life to be significantly different,” Elizabeth Edwards said.

“The campaign goes on,” John Edwards said.


  • paul (unverified)

    The dangers of net-journalism. If you go to the front page at politico.com, you'll see the wrong story ("John Edwards is suspending his campaign.")

    The "reporter" has issued a mea culpa but politico still has the wrong headline up.


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    politico is run by the son of Joe Allbritton, Bush's Texas fixer. They've gotten several stories wrong in a row, it seems...

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    My mother is a cancer survivor. The Edwards handled this with class and grace, unlike some of the media outlets. Their optimism is inspiring to us all who have had family members dealing with cancer and I'm very glad to see their campaign continue. Our prayers are with the Edwards family for continued good health. Now go out there and win the nomination!!!

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    Actually, it was Reuters that blasted the wrong 'headline' all over the planet. It appears that they released their "scoop" at the moment that John and Elizabeth started talking. Obviously, someone at Reuters has a bad source.

    But more importantly, I agree with Moses -- they handled it with class and grace, and more importantly, like real people. It was fantastic to see these two amazing people up there just talking about the medical situation, thanking the press for letting them tell family in person, and reflecting on what it means for them. I turned to my wife and said, "Wow, they're just regular folks."

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    I've been leaning toward Mr.Edwards for some time, and their handling of this situation has cemented the decision for me. To see a couple make such huge decisions as equals and to see them place concerns for this country and their fellow citizens above their own situation is a caliber of character that hasn't been found en masse for way too long.

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    I like these people and wish them only the best. I'll be holding them in my thoughts.

  • Faoan (unverified)

    I was already pretty much going to support John Edwards, but now I am a solid supporter. He is able to answer tough questions with a straight answer and he has the support of an incredibly strong and intelligent woman. They are a great couple with much love obviously shared between them.

    Both he and his wife have a great deal of integrity and America will be well served if he wins the Presidency.

  • ellie (unverified)

    I'll second that ditto.

  • Tahoma Activist (unverified)

    The most important comment so far? "Wow, they're just regular folks."

    This is huge. These two are living the American life, played out on everybody's television screen. Life is hell. It's hard work. And that isn't just some George W. phony populist drivel, that's the real deal.

    Everyone you've ever met knows somebody who died of cancer. And now we have a Presidential candidate who is living with his best friend as she fights it. Their conference today meant so much to me, as someone who wants our candidates to be more human and less polished. This could be the thing that wakes America up to Edwards' message. As long as enough of us put enough pressure on the media to lay of the obvious and stupid angles and focus on what this could mean in terms of policy.

    Can you imagine, a President in the White House who actually wants to see cancer eliminated, no matter what the cost? That is a future I can get with.

    It took FDR having polio to get polio erased from this country. Could John Edwards do that for cancer?

    It's worth a shot.

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    I'm thirds on the ditto thing. Go John go.

  • klong (unverified)

    What about political ambition at all costs???? Having metastatic cancer is not just a chronic illness. Imagine having to go through all of the medical tests and procedures. As well as what physical and emotional toll a presidential campaign entails. In this setting, I think Edwards should quit the race and be there for his wife for whatever she needs to go through.

  • Sadie (unverified)

    Having just lost my aunt to breast cancer last month, Klong, I can say that you are 100% wrong.

    This race is likely helping her in her battle with cancer. My aunt taught me so much. She taught me that we women are strong, we can handle anything, death is not something to fear, and nobody can tell anyone else how to die.

    Cancer is hard and ugly and brutal. There were two things that helped Merrilee battle through six years after a stage IV diagnosis: the love she had for her family, and her desire to help her son fight his battle with lupus.

    Everybody is different. Every cancer diagnosis is different. While some lose hope and need their loved ones to help carry them till the end, others love for their family, drives them to not give up on life and inspires them to fight on with and for them. Whichever way somebody suffers through this horrible disease, they are not wrong for the choices they make - and who is anyone else to judge.

    This is a family that obviously loves eachother very much, and their choice to battle through this together only makes me root for both of them even more!

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    I think each family has to find its own way through these questions.

    Today's New York Times has a very interesting story on this very subject, which I would commend to the attention of anyone interested in this subject.

  • klong (unverified)
    <h2>Sorry for your loss, Sadie. But this is not about Elizabeth Edwards and the obvious struggle that she has to go through. It is about her husband John. Stage IV metastatic breast cancer means either more chemo or bone marrow transplantation. That is hard to go through during a presidential campaign. So he is going on the presidential campaign trail all the while his wife is going through more treatment for cancer? Or does he put his political ambitions on hold and be there with her?</h2>
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