Kevin Bacon talks about Ali Edwards

Two weeks ago, Kari Chisholm blogged about how Ali Edwards (spouse of Rep. Chris Edwards) is raising money for Autism Speaks through Kevin Bacon's "Six Degrees" charity drive. At that point, she'd raised some $9000 from 350 donors. Get the backstory here.

Yesterday, Kevin Bacon appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show to promote his fundraising drive. As an example of the power of community, he talked about Ali Edwards. Here's a short clip.

Almost overnight, Ali's drive picked up another $6000 and 400 more donors. From Ali's blog:

I have been thinking over the past few weeks about what I could do as a thank you to all of you for the awesome support you have shown to Autism Speaks (and to me and my family) over the last few months. No matter whether we end up with the number one spot (the top 6 receive a matching donation up to $10,000), we as a group of people have done something awesome.

Of course, number one is a good place to be. Love watching the power of the people.

Make a donation. Discuss.

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