Kropf: Bush's problem is bad spin, not bad policy

Over at the Oregon Catalyst blog, conservative radio host and former State Rep. Jeff Kropf diagnoses what's wrong with the Bush Administration. And it ain't the substance.

All of this because a President cannot communicate.

I suspect that behind these leadership failings are Karl Rove and his merry band of pollsters who are constantly advising the President in one public relations disaster after another. Bush’s inability to articulate almost anything with any real charisma or passion is also at fault for the loss of support for this action and if not corrected soon, will do lasting damage to our nation’s ability to fight any war in the future.

These failings can be rectified if Bush does a few things immediately.

He must first fire Karl Rove and go with his gut instincts and defend himself once a week in a press conference. You must remember that Bush is a fighter pilot and I can tell you from personal experience that they are all very cocky and aggressive. I saw that quality in him when I had a short encounter with him after 9/11 and I believe that advisors like Rove have kept that passion and aggressiveness suppressed. ...

Secondly, he must unleash Tony Snow who knows the game of public perception better than anyone else around the President. There is no doubt that Tony is being muzzled... Tony is more than capable of creating sound bites for the evening news that will be controversial, yet persuasive in the court of public opinion.

Thirdly, the President must tell us over and over again what is his definition of winning and how he is going to get that done. He must constantly remind the American people that winning the war on terror is our only option...

Read the rest of Kropf's spin about spin. And then... Discuss.

  • Bill Bodden (unverified)

    Memo to (thankfully) former representative Kropf:

    You seem to have forgotten that the buck is supposed to stop on the desk in the oval office at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, not in some adjacent functionary's office.

    You must remember that Bush is a fighter pilot and I can tell you from personal experience that they are all very cocky and aggressive.

    Bush may have flown a fighter aircraft on a few occasions and he certainly was cocky, but he wasn't in the least aggressive in making sure he flew in Vietnam against America's perceived enemies.

    This is a better analysis of Bush than Kropf's.

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    Well, openminded as I am, I did go read what Hon. Jeff had to say.

    Wow. No thank you, Mr. Kropf. I know you say it'll bring me closer to God really quick, but I really don't want your Kool Aid.

    (Oh, and by the way, while it's polite to refer to people who have attained national stature by their lapsed title - e.g. Presidents Reagan, Bush, Clinton - refering to yourself as "the Honorable Jeff Kropf" because of a one time stint in the Oregon Legislature is just tacky.)

    Substanatively, I found his entire argument wholy without merit. Bush, like all Republicans, still enjoys a rather well documented right wing bias in the press (see

    His problem isn't spin. It's fact. Even non-Kool Aid drinking conservatives have begun to notice that little "B" behind all his War spending requests, as in "Billion". As that total gets nearer to a "T" (Trillion), even they start to wonder if they can manage to pawn all that spending off on taxes on the lower-middle class, as they've done in the past. All this adds up to substantive doubt that no amount of rhetoric can combat.

    But go ahead, make up little stories to humor your own psychoses. It's no skin off my nose, Honorable Jeff. Republican refusal to recognize reality has already been their undoing in Oregon. We can only hope it spreads quickly to the rest of the country.

  • Bill Bodden (unverified)

    Kropf: I suspect that behind these leadership failings are Karl Rove and his merry band of pollsters who are constantly advising the President in one public relations disaster after another.

    Last I heard, Bush said emphatically that he was the decider. Presumably, he listens to others (or at least lets them talk, which is different from listening) then he decides, so that makes him responsible.

    Kropf is just like the rest of these right-wing mouthpieces who set out to make a point and concoct a story to support it, even it is fiction or fantasy.

  • Bert Lowry (unverified)

    Wow. I checked out the Honorable Jeff's blog and I am stunned. The comments made my jaw drop. Jeff is clearly just doing it for money and attention. But the commentors probably believe what they're saying. And what they're saying is, well, the opposite of reality: We're winning the war; there were WMDs; the soldiers in Iraq are happy; the CIA had no qualms about the "sixteen words" because they're true; etc.

    They dismiss everything that doesn't match this fantasy by claiming all sources are unreliable, except some stranger claiming to know from "the troops on the ground" and other weird blogs. And their rules of debate are roughly this: you are only permitted to argue against our collective fantasy by proving, to each of our satisfaction, every assertion you make using only sources we agree with.

    It makes me wonder about the long term psychological danger. If you have a set of beliefs that are false, but rather than update them as evidence dictates, you create fantasies of large-scale conspiracies, what are the long term consequences? Does your psyche eventually snap altogether? If you get laid off from your job, do you think it was a move by the conspiracy to silence you?

    The whole thing reminds me of Communist Party of America propoganda during the late 1980s. World Communism was climbing onto the great trash heap of history and some of the true believers who had access to a press started putting out pamphlets claiming the opposite. They claimed capitalist society was about to fall and Global Communism was on the verge of total victory. They sited the fact that newspapers report the USSR was crumbling as evidence that the contrary was true; ff it's in the mainstream news, then it must be false, because the mainstream news is the mouthpiece of the capitalist oppressors.

    It was all quite loony and entertaining. The Honorable Jeff's blog has a similar flavor.

  • JohnH (unverified)

    Kropf might be right--if we knew what Bush's policies were. Given the fact that all his explicit policies turn out to be a Russian Easter Egg of lies, we cannot judge the policies. Further, we can only assume that there is a reason that Bush is afraid to expose his real policies to public view: they are so abhorrent, that if they were revealed, they would die a faster death than his prevarications. Better to lie.

    Bush's spin and lies are nothing more than an attempt to put one over on ordinary Americans, time after time after time.

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    you forget, theHonJeff quit the Leg so he could become the next Lars Larson. talk about ambition. he truly fancies himself a Great Communicator, just as he fancied himself a Gentleman Farmer and American Patriot Border Guard.

    and to think the voters of District 23 replaced him with Fred Girod and not Dan Thackaberry....


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