MyDD takes on the Bus Project

MyDD is one of the leading organizing vehicles for the lefty blogosphere - ground zero for the Howard Dean, Paul Hackett, Ned Lamont, Jon Tester netroots campaigns and much more.

They've posted an interview with Jefferson Smith of the Bus Project.

We talk about raging for progressive change, why the "Vote, F*cker" message works, taking a Moneyball approach to politics, and the need for a little "benevolent irrationality."

Here's a few of the questions:

Let's start at the beginning. What is the Oregon Bus Project, and is there an actual bus?

In some ways, it sounds like a drunken fantasy's that many of us have had -- "we should totally get a bus and then drive it all over the place." How did you come to actually buy the bus? How much do buses go for?

How do you go about convincing volunteers to "get on the bus," as it were, of a pretty new organization? Who are your volunteers?

The Bus Project are the folks behind the 2004 "Vote, F*cker" t-shirts. I think it's fair to say that humor and sarcasm aren't always the strongest tool in the progressive activist toolbox. How did "Vote, F*ucker" come about?

Where does the Bus Project go from here? Is there a 50-state/50-bus model?

Hey, did you know that you have the exact same name as Jimmy Stewart's character in "Mr. Smith goes to Washington?"

For the answers, and to discuss, head on over to MyDD.

(Hat tip to Loaded Orygun!)


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