Wanted: Superhero.

SuperheroThink you have what it takes to fill Neel Pender's shoes?

The Democratic Party of Oregon (DPO) seeks a dynamic, committed individual to lead our staff. We are looking for a person with comprehensive management and political skills that will complement existing talent in our organization.

A few of the desired qualifications:

Demonstrated personnel management skills; stellar communications skills; superior project management skills; technology proficiency; political savvy; fundraising prowess; people focused; energetic, creative, and flexible, with a sense of humor.

Here's the full job description (PDF).

Applications are due April 6, but "priority consideration will be given to applications received by March 29."

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    The eagle on the chest in the graphic has a very......er....National Socialist look to it, and coupled with the "package", brings to mind a rousing speech delivered from the deck of an aircraft carrier.

    I nominate George W. Bush.

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    Right. I just googled superhero -- don't necessarily read anything into the 'toon...

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    Kari, how about a woman super hero!

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    The Incredibles have completely ruined me. Every time I see a traditional superhero, I hear Edna Mode's voice stating authoritatively, "No capes!"

  • Jenni Simonis (unverified)


    Yes, because we all know what happens to super heroes with capes... sucked into a jet engine, pulled away by a rocket, etc. ; )

  • Phil Jones (unverified)

    You can find a ready to work pool of applicants at SE 3rd and Burnside any given morning. They're always willing to do the work us Americans won't do. Of course, you may have to teach him English first. And low salary is not an issue.

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    We've already gotten a couple of resumes from two women who would be superb EDs. Got a suit for them that isn't quite so awful?

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    <h2>Yes, yes, women superheroes wanted! That graphic was meant to illustrate the outgoing superhero, not the incoming one - whoever she (or he) may be.</h2>
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