Launched! Draft DeFazio Blog & Fundraising Drive

PeterdefazioWow. The good folks from Loaded Orygun just launched a new blog:

Draft DeFazio!

And to make it really count, they've also launched a fundraising drive. In short, you'll be contributing to Peter's 2008 campaign -- whether it's for the House or the Senate.

But, through the magic of ActBlue, all contributions through the Draft DeFazio page will be counted separately. And Peter will hear the message that comes with the money.

What does this mean for those of us who think that DeFazio would have a strong chance of beating Smith, and want to encourage us to run? It's time to pony up some money, is what it means.

One more time - how can you help?

As we said, first and foremost is to contribute money, to show that the job of raising enough to challenge Smith will not be as hard as Peter thinks.

What are you waiting for? Tell Peter DeFazio that he should run. It's not the amount of money, it's the number of donations. Do it now.

Run, Peter, Run!

Discuss over there.


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