MyDD interview with Steve Novick

Over at MyDD, Jonathan Singer has an extensive interview with US Senate candidate Steve Novick.

How he'll win:

We'll knock on doors. We'll use the internet. We'll run a thoroughly grassroots campaign. And that will gradually build us up the resources to do the television campaign at the end, which is exactly what [Senator Paul] Wellstone did.

You're not going to match Gordon Smith dollar for dollar, but you don't need to. Republicans have been outspending Democrats for a long time and Democrats beat them at least on occasion because they have the people - and we'll use the people.

And also, obviously, we hope that the rest of the country will help out. I hope the Netroots world will respond to the idea of a solidly progressive candidate with a 20-year history of fighting for the environment and fighting against right wing, anti-government goofballs.

On running statewide:

I'll be going all around the state. I was in Medford three weeks ago and in Bend a week and a half ago and I was in Astoria on Sunday and going back for a party function in May. Definitely, it's a statewide campaign and you campaign statewide. Obviously a lot of the people are in the Willamette Valley and when I announce tomorrow I'll announce in Salem and Portland and Eugene because that's about as much ground you can cover in the course of a day and there's a lot of people there.

I think I will spend a fair amount of time in the suburbs. People always talk about the urban-rural divide. A lot of people live in the suburbs. And I plan to spend plenty of time in Clackamas Town Center and Washington Square mall shaking hands with people.

On the differences between Ron Wyden and Gordon Smith:

I will very aggressively from the beginning of this campaign point out that on the important votes, Smith and Wyden are on opposite sides. So yeah, they're nice to each other. They hang out and do town halls together. But on the war, Wyden was on the other side. On the bankruptcy bill, Wyden was on the other side. On the tax cuts, Wyden was on the other side. On the critical issues they vote against each other and cancel each other out. And I think that Ron Wyden is genuinely popular in this state and people realize that if they want Ron Wyden to have a true partner they should send me to the Senate.

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