Steve Novick: "fire-breathing populist"

StevenovickSteve Novick's candidacy for the US Senate is taking off like a rocket. Below, highlights from the news coverage.

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From Willamette Week:

“I’m running because while George Bush was taking our country to hell, Senator Gordon Smith had his hand on the handbasket every step of the way," Novick stated before a crowd of close to 200 people in the ILWU Local 8 Hall. ...

During his speech he spoke of issues he would focus on if elected: an accessible and responsive government, cheaper health care, wealth inequality, the national debt and environmentally friendly technology.

“He’s kind of a Cinderella story,” said spectator Don Beal of Novick’s boy-genius rise to a fire-breathing populist. “We need somebody who’s aggressive, somebody to fight the fire.”

From the Associated Press:

Portland pollster Adam Davis said Novick has an engaging personal story, partly because he was born with multiple physical disabilities and yet graduated at age 18 from the University of Oregon and later was the youngest member of Harvard Law School's Class of '84.

"I've heard him joke, 'I'm four-foot-nine and have a mean left hook,' " Davis said, referring to the prosthesis Novicks wears because he was born without a left arm. "Steve is the type of candidate who is going to catch people's attention. He is very articulate, and very passionate."

From the Oregonian:

He calls himself "a fighter with a hard left hook," referring to the metal appliance he uses instead of a hand. And he says he can beat U.S. Sen. Gordon Smith next year. ...

"Gordon Smith is a nice man. He's just a very bad senator," said Novick, 44, an attorney who once battled polluters for the U.S. Justice Department....

Novick, who made announcements in Portland, Salem and Eugene, has enlisted some prominent supporters, including state schools Superintendent Susan Castillo, City Commissioner Erik Sten of Portland, and Fred Miller, former head of Portland General Electric.

From the Portland Mercury:

"You might be concerned that a political strategist will run with one eye on public opinion polls," Novick explained, "but what I've learned is that people don't vote for you because they agree with everything you say. They vote for you because they agree with a few things, but mostly because they can trust you."

As for Smith, Novick says he "shows an ability to ignore inconvenient truths."

"He always sounds sincere, and I'm sure he is sincere, but he doesn't have a good relationship with the facts," Novick says, pointing to Smith's long support (which only ended recently) for the Iraq War and denial that fossil fuels are leading to global warming.

And Oregonian columnist Steve Duin has this to say:

Steve Novick is savagely smart, issue-driven, relentless as a junkyard dog, easily underestimated . . . and, and he says, the only candidate in sight who can remove a red hot oven rack without a potholder. ...

[Compared to Smith,] Novick, 44, presents the voters with a startling contrast in stature, style, name recognition, experience in elective office and the deft footwork that allows a politician to take a position on both sides of an issue.

"He is fearless," said political consultant Mark Wiener. "He is clearly not driven by fashion or a decent haircut. He's about ideas. He is about things. Politics used to be about things. Look at the presidential race now, and it's about nothing. Nothing!"

Novick would change that.


  • Amy Hojnowski (unverified)

    This is the best news from home I could ask for. Go Steve!!

  • Bill McDonald (unverified)

    If people really think this through, Steve Novick is a lock to win, and Gordon Smith is in big trouble.

  • Harry (unverified)

    I love the comments about style, stature, haircut, name rec versus ideas and things. Style vs ideas; Gordo vs Novick.

    I think that people, once they get over the style and image will embrace the substance of the two candidates. It will be interesting to see the two in a debate, if Steve lasts that long, and if Smith actually allows a mano a mano debate rather than hiding.

    But the debates are 16 months away from today. Who will be in the race then is still an unknown, but if it is not still Steve, then I am sure that he will have at least got the fight started, for others to join in later. After all, every good concert has a warm up band.


  • (Show?)

    Style vs. Ideas. That is what Novick can and will make this a race about. That is how you take down the fake "moderate" flip-flopper like Smith. This will be an election in 2008, not 2002, and Smith is in seriosu trouble and Novick can take him down.

  • Janice (unverified)

    Too bad Novick's relentless defense of CIMCAM wasn't successful. Our children will now suffer the loss of a marvelously successful high standards reform.

  • Urban Planning Overlord (unverified)

    I have one set of questions for Steve Novick:

    Did you take Economics in college? Do you understand the value of free trade and globalization in bettering the lives of both U.S. citizens and Third World nations? Or are you (along with DeFazio) a mindless proponent of economic nihilism like the infamous Seattle protesters of 1998?

  • (Show?)

    Without purporting to speak for Steve, I would simply observe that he is the precise opposite of a "mindless" proponent (or opponent) of ANYTHING.

  • Urban Planning Overlord (unverified)

    When someone is described as a "fiery populist," it all too often means that they are protectionist economic illiterates.

    I hope that this isn't the case with Mr. Novick.

  • (Show?)

    Urban Planning Overlord = NAFTA lackey = One (off key) Note Wonder

  • varner (unverified)


    I took economics in college and I can tell you that Steve Novick has an excellent grasp of finance, economics and the economic impact of government.

    I defy you to find 12 people in Oregon (who don't work as accountants) who have a better understanding of tax structures and government budgets than Steve Novick.

    I would bet that if Gordon Smith and Steve Novick took a 200 question test on the US Federal Budget that Steve Novick would get a better grade than Gordon Smith. If there were an essay question on how actions of the US Federal government affected those living in the 3rd world that Steve Novick would be able to list more actions with more precise information and analysis on their outcomes.

    And Overlord, I bet Steve Novick could beat you.

  • Urban Planning Overlord (unverified)

    Well, that's a relief. If Steve Novick is so well-versed on economics and third world nations, I'm sure that he is all for free trade and is not in favor of the economic nihilism of the anti-globalization gang (unlike Peter DeFacio).

    I can rest easy now ...

  • varner (unverified)

    Urban O,

    You do realize that the issues of trade and globalization are more complex than the two poles you name, right? Tell me your kidding right? You have taken Econ yourself?

  • zilfondel (unverified)

    Hell yea!

    Consider voted for.

  • zilfondel (unverified)

    "...the only candidate in sight who can remove a red hot oven rack without a potholder. ..."

    Kinda like extracating our sorry souls from both our healthcare nightmare, and Iraq?

    Just had to stick that one in.

  • zilfondel (unverified)

    "...the only candidate in sight who can remove a red hot oven rack without a potholder. ..."

    Kinda like extricating our sorry souls from both our healthcare nightmare, and Iraq?

    <h2>Just had to stick that one in.</h2>
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