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Jake Oken-Berg

Editor's note: Today, Jake Oken-Berg joins our merry band of contributors. As a 19-year-old, Jake ran for mayor of Portland - picking up 27% of the vote in a 17-candidate field, and nearly forcing Mayor Vera Katz into a runoff. These days, he's more musician than politician.

Earlier this year Kari asked me if I would post some of my thought as I hit the road with my band The Retrofits. We'll be taking off for a West Coast and Midwest tour later this month and I'll send you my observations as we travel from Portland to Chicago and back. Per Kari's instructions I'm going to try make this more social than political commentary ... but I make no promises if I run across one of the presidential candidates!

In the meanwhile, as an introduction to my band, tune in tomorrow morning at 6:30am to KINK 101.9 FM for Sheila Hamilton's 'Speaking Freely' for a 16 minute interview with George (my bandmate) and me. If you're like me and don't believe in getting up that early on a Sunday (or are outside the Portland broadcast area), the interview is already posted here.

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    Didn't Vera Katz get like 56% of the vote, compared with Jake's 27%? How is that "nearly forcing a runoff"???

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    No, Vera got just over 50%. Results here.

    PORTLAND CITY MAYOR                     
    MELODY F. BERKHEISER               524   0.37 %
    BRUCE BROUSSARD                   4846   3.47 %
    BLAKE BYRNE                       1749   1.25 %
    SCOTT CONWAY                      1827   1.31 %
    VIRGINIA DAVIS                    1315   0.94 %
    WILLIAM J. DOERING                 404   0.29 %
    JOHN ERNSBERGER                   5085   3.64 %
    SHAUN J. FAIRLEE                   790   0.56 %
    JASON FLEMING                     2157   1.54 %
    ROBERT L. FORTHAN                  173   0.12 %
    CHARLIE GILBERT                   1343   0.96 %
    L.E. HUMBLE                        220   0.15 %
    VERA KATZ                        70053  50.25 %
    JADA MAE LANGLOSS                  744   0.53 %
    WENDY MARI LOREN                   718   0.51 %
    JAKE OKEN-BERG                   34025  24.40 %
    TYRONE WILLIAMS                    512   0.36 %
    Write In                           782   0.56 %

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