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This morning's New York Times includes a detailed graphics finance map charting candidates' cash on hand, totals raised and money transferred from previous races. Hillary Clinton leads with cash on hand, Barack Obama with total number of donors and primary money raised. Edwards pulls a respectable third with more than $10 million in the bank.

On the Republican side, top fundraiser Romney seems to also be the biggest spender, with more than $11 million spent to date.


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    Take a look at the numbers for Oregon:

    Clinton: $30,103 Obama: $51,165 Romney (R): $217,820 Giuliani (R): $24,500 Edwards: $61,658 McCain(R): $45,600 Richardson: $11,250 Dodd: $0 Biden: $0 Brownback (R): $180 Tancredo (R) $3,650 Paul (R): $3,600 Huckabee (R): $0 Hunter (R): $2,100 Kucinich: $1,175 Thompson (R): $0 Gilmore (R): $0 Gravel (D): $351

    Look at how much Edwards and Obama have raised here. And Oregon is a medium sized "dot" on Romney's map, where we're usually a tiny one.

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    What are the theories purporting to explain this, especially Romney's and Edwards' successes here?

  • James X (unverified)

    Try searching for "Portland" in "City" for "All Candidates" and sort by State. You'll see who's giving to whom in the city. You can do the same for other Oregon cities, though I don't see where you can do it for the whole state.

  • Stephanie VI (unverified)

    Steph...Mormons and Labor.

  • ellie (unverified)

    This is a really interesting tool (both for education and procrastination). I was really surprised by Romney's bank here - whoa!

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    I saw lots of familar names in Portland. I'm kind of glad I gave less then the amount because I really don't want my name out there.

    Romney god a lot of large donations from Portland. One of the bigger donations was from Ron Saxton.

  • (Show?) should read, "Romney got a lot of large donations from Portland."

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    <h2>Don't forget that Saxton and Kevin Mannix are Romney's Oregon campaign managers.</h2>
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