Why I'm a Democrat.

Over at Draft DeFazio, they've posted a copy of a letter that Ben Hubbird sent to Congressman Peter DeFazio - urging him to run. Here's a snippet:

When friends have expressed frustration with politics and politicians, I have always been able to say, "What about Pete?"

Their response, almost always, is "Yeah, well if only they were all like Pete."

One of my earliest memories is of a sunny, late summer day in the College Hill neighborhood of Eugene. My father and I were going from house to house, knocking on doors, talking to people about some guy with a mustache, and handing out flyers that said DeFazio for Congress. My dad said he brought me along so that he wouldn't get yelled at, but there didn't seem to be any danger of that. Seemed like everyone we talked to smiled and looked happy to see us and said, "of course I'm voting for Pete!"

The first time someone asked me whether I was a Republican or a Democrat I asked them, "which one is Pete?"

"DeFazio? He's a Democrat." They said, and I've been a Democrat ever since.

Head on over to Draft DeFazio to read the rest. Discuss over there.

And in case you can't find the link: Donate to Peter DeFazio here (and send a message: "Run Peter Run!")


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