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Earlier this week, we launched a BlueOregon "group" on -- the social networking site that's growing by leaps and bounds. Over 42,000 members in Oregon alone.

Check it out here. (Facebook login required. Sign up free here.)

What's Facebook? Initially launched three years ago in a Harvard dorm room as a college-students-only networking site, it's since become the #7 most-trafficked site in the USA. Recently, they turned down a $750 million buyout offer.

More interestingly, it's become a top networking site for people interested in politics. Here's how Facebook describes themselves:

Facebook has grown from a simple directory of friends to a full suite of applications you use and enjoy every day: you can now view photos, send messages, tell your friends about events, start groups, search for other friends, and interact with friends on Facebook.

Sounds a lot like a grassroots organizing platform to us. And that's what it's become... Barack Obama leads the pack with 68,577 supporters. Hillary Clinton has 19,482. John Edwards has 6588. John McCain has 2300. Heck, even Ted Kulongoski has 1,021 supporters -- who continue to post messages on his "wall":

Angela: thanks for signing the equality act and the family fairness act, ted! you've made a big change for a lot of oregon families, people, students... and we thank you for it!

Camron: thanks for supporting our schools, Ted

Theo: down for some bowling this weekend?

David: Hey Ted, I heard about the week on food stamps thing. Kudos

Chase: Basically, you roc. And if it were physically possible, I would have your children.

Anyway, here at BlueOregon, we're diving into this new venue for organizing in politics. As with all kinds of experiments, we're not sure yet what will happen, but when you start connecting people together - especially people who share common values, common interests, and a common place - well, good things happen.

Join the BlueOregon group. Not on Facebook yet? Sign up already. What are you waiting for?

  • Loyal Facebook-er (unverified)

    Barack Obama actually has one group with over 323,000 members. The group (One Million Strong for Barack Obama) was started before he announced his run and has continued to grow leaps and bounds. Facebook is an amazing way to tap into communities (especially College Students) and change the way that folks are engaged.

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    Since we are on the topic of plugging facebook groups, I should plug the Steve Novick group. Please check us out!

    The group is called Steve Novick for U.S. Senate.

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    LF -- you're right; that's the count for the group. Amazing stuff. I was merely counting how many "friends" his personal profile lists.

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    Proud member of the BlueOregon group since Quatro de Mayo.

    Bus Project's got one too, if you're feeling volunteerish. Hop on board.

  • Jesse B. (unverified)

    Yeah BlueOregon on Facebook.

  • Adam (unverified)
    <h2>I'd be interested to hear what people think about the translation from being a member of an online group to, you know, doing something more than being a member of an online group. Is there any real-world value to having 300,000 members? I believe Kari is speaking on this topic next week – any thoughts you'd like to share as a teaser?</h2>

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