Colbert calls out Oregon's 3rd District

In his intro to his review of Virginia's 11th District, Stephen Colbert talks about his "favorite district". And it's not Oregon's 3rd -- represented by Earl Blumenauer.

Will Congressman Blumenauer respond? Will he defend the honor of the 3rd?

And what explains Colbert's betrayal of the Fightin' 3rd? After all, he seemed rather taken with it when he talked to Blumenauer last year:


  • charlie (unverified)

    For some reason the sound doesn't seem to be working. I am using Firefox and the sound is on for both my computer and the video.

  • tl (unverified)

    Works fine for me and I use Firefox. Try reinstalling or installing a new Adobe Flash plugin.

  • Earl Blumenauer (unverified)

    I want Colbert to get his sorry butt out to Oregon and say that to our faces. I challenge him...

  • (Show?)

    Ok, ya'll do remember that Colbert is a satirist and for him to say what he did about the 3rd is actually his way of giving a thumbs up right?

  • alice (unverified)

    Colbert also "did the 5th" with Darlene Hooley awhile back. He left her red faced and giggling.
    Personally, I think it would be great for Colbert to come to Oregon and participate in a bit of a role reversal with both Hooley and Blumenauer.

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