John Edwards to run TV ads... in Eugene?!

The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza reports that the John Edwards campaign is about to roll out a new television advertising campaign... but only in Eugene, Oregon.

The former Democratic senator's campaign confirmed the ad buy, which will hit airwaves in Eugene today and run through the weekend, but campaign aides would offer no comment on why they chose to run ads in the state. "We don't want our opponents to know why we are going up in Oregon," said Edwards consultant Joe Trippi.

The campaign said the ads in Eugene will closely resemble the "We the People" commercials Edwards has been running in Iowa and on national cable stations. That ad calls on Congress to keep the pressure on the White House when it comes to tying funding for the war to firm deadlines for withdrawal.

If you're in Eugene, and you see the ad, comment here - and let us know what sort of ad it is.

Why would John Edwards run TV ads in Eugene?

Our guess is that Edwards is making a targeted strike in an area that is likely to be quite receptive to his strong anti-war message. The ad buy also has the added benefit of keeping his opponents' guessing about his strategy -- always a plus in the three-dimensional chess match that is presidential primary politics.

What do you think? What's the strategy? Discuss.

  • Harry (unverified)
    <h2>"The ad buy also has the added benefit of keeping his opponents' guessing about his strategy -- always a plus in the three-dimensional chess match that is presidential primary politics."</h2>

    Ah, yes....the old 'keep them guessing strategy'.

    May I also suggest ad buys in: Bratislava Medford Dubrovnik Topeka Liverpool


  • (Show?)

    I saw the commercial early this morning on KEZI -- I'm in southern Oregon on a project -- and thought the quality of the spot was pretty good in that it did not come across as a typical candidate-based :30 commercial. No Edwards until the end; no apology or explanation for his original vote for the Iraqi War Resolution, just individuals talking directly to camera about the importance of ending the war.

    I would note that under Trippi's direction, Howard Dean bought air time in Crawford, Texas in 2003 also to keep 'em guessing. This Eugene ad buy was not just in a smaller market in a non-targeted primary state, but the interesting thing to me is that they bought broadcast news.

  • Matthew Sutton (unverified)

    Apparently, Edwards is doing so well in Iowa according to polls (after reportedly spending the last 2 years there builing a strong base) that he has a few extra bucks to spend in places like Eugene. He is doing so well in Iowa, that as I'm sure many of you have read, at least one key advisor in the Clinton campaign was entertaining bailing on Iowa altogether.

    Iowa remains an important State that could launch an underdog in much need of momentum. However, the moving up of the primaries, including Florida which will now vote on the same day as South Carolina on January 29th, candidates will now need a lot more than momentum from Iowa. They will need a massive amount of resources to compete in all of these States, including 20 states on February 5th.

    I suspect that the Clinton campaign's presumption has been that it will have an advantage due to its superior war chest. However, the first quarter fundraising figures clearly showed that she is not the only one with a major warchest. Thanks to Senator Obama, this should be a fascinating primary season! Hopefully things will remain in play long enough for us Oregonians to cast meaningful votes in this historic primary election.

  • Scott (unverified)

    Well it's a good thing Senator Edwards is talking about his experience while in the U.S. Senate and what he has done in the past to be qualified for the highest office in our nation. He never apologized for the war.

    His personal message on poverty I question too. I do not think he has the judgement necessary to be president.

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