Nick Fish Show now beating national shows

Willamette Week reports that CW-32's Outlook Portland with Nick Fish -- the only remaining weekly local public-affairs in Portland -- is beating most of the national public-affairs shows in the Portland media market.

Ex-City Council candidate Nick Fish has soared to the top of the local talk-fest ratings . Fish's Outlook Portland with Nick Fish (KRCW, cable channel 3) outdraws Larry King, Anderson Cooper and most other nationally broadcast public-affairs programs in the Portland area, according to recent Nielsen ratings. (Only Hannity & Colmes and The O'Reilly Factor outdrew Fish.) Starting in July, Outlook Portland will move from its 6:30 am Sunday slot to 9 am Sunday.

This Sunday, the show will feature a debate about local ballot measure 26-92, which would reform the Portland Development Commission.

[Full disclosure: Outlook Portland is a regular advertiser here at BlueOregon. Maybe that has something to do with the ratings jump? Maybe, maybe not. We report. You decide.]

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    Nick, and the local independent news are among the biggest reasons I miss cable!

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    <h2>The show's a bit uneven --it really depends on the guests-- but I haven't missed one thanks to TIVO. My favorites are when Nigel and Anna are on. Nick's interviewing style, by design, isn't terribly aggressive...but he's able to tease out some informative stuff.</h2>
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