Pass the clean energy plan.

From today's Oregonian:

A bill backed by Gov. Ted Kulongoski to establish a renewable energy standard -- a powerful incentive in law to expand solar, wind, wave, new hydro and other clean-energy sources -- is pending before a closely divided House of Representatives.

Senate Bill 838 would require that 25 percent of Oregon's electric load come from new renewable energy sources by 2025. It is a big, ambitious and complex bill -- the most important environmental and economic proposal now before lawmakers.

We strongly believe it should be approved. Here's why:

A new standard would spur more clean-, green-energy production, reduce carbon emissions and address the climate change that threatens mountain snowpacks, ocean resources and Oregon agriculture.

Twenty-three states already have renewable energy standards, including our neighbors, California and Washington. If Oregon fails to join them, it's likely that much of the clean energy produced in this state would be exported.

A renewable standard would help Oregon become a center of new green technologies, creating businesses and jobs. The Oregon Department of Energy estimates that every $100 million invested in renewable energy in Oregon creates 1,250 jobs.

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