Smith: Flipping and flopping on Iraq

Gordon_smith_flip_flopOnce again, Gordon Smith flips and flops on Iraq. He says he's against the war, but he won't vote to end it. From the O:

Sen. Gordon Smith, R-Ore., voted against bringing to a vote an amendment that would remove most troops from Iraq by March 31.

The amendment, sponsored by Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wisc., failed in a 29-67 vote. It needed 60 votes to be brought for an up-or-down vote. Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., voted for the amendment.

As usual, his words don't match his actions:

"America's patience in Iraq is exhausted and it is time for Iraq to govern and stabilize its country," Smith said in a written statement. "They will have our support, but we should not referee their civil war. We have the most advanced military in history and we need it taking down terror cells who want to bring harm to our country."

And the new team at the DPO didn't waste any time calling him out:

Meredith Wood Smith, chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon, criticized Smith's vote.

"If Gordon Smith were an action figure, he would never sell," she said in a written statement. "When it comes to Oregon's interests, Gordon Smith is a man of talk, not action. He will talk to reporters night and day about his reversal on the Iraq War, and then go to the Senate chamber and vote to prolong the conflict."

Read the rest. Discuss.

  • Kelly Steele (unverified)

    Smith wants credit for being against the war without actually opposing it. Note that in the Politico story from last week he said:

    "My position is no different than most of the Democratic candidates for president," Smith said.
    Except that every single Democratic presidential candidate in the US Senate voted with Senator Wyden for the Feingold amendment.

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    Was wondering why nobody was calling Smith out over his vote on the Feingold-Reid amendment. This is the clearest example of the fake (i.e. bullshit) nature of the "stand against the war" that Smith pulled back in December to try and burnish his "moderate" image in the wake of the "thumpin'" the GOP took in the November elections over the war.

    In short, he is a bold faced liar on the most serious of issues (life/death, war/peace). When are people in the media going to say it as plainly as that (that he is a liar) and do so repeatedly so it sinks into the electorate's consciousness?

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    Posted by: Kelly Steele | May 17, 2007 3:24:37 PM

    Even better, Smith voted to allow Bush to continue to do what he called "criminal" back in December. But when it actually came to vote to end Bush's "criminal" treatment of our troops by his throwing them into the meat-grinder/disaster that is the Iraq fiasco, Smith put his party before his country not too mention those who have literally put their life on the line to defend it (which BTW this catastrophic occupation of Iraq actually works against).

  • Thomas Ware (unverified)

    You broke it, bitch, now pay for it.

    Out of your own well lined pocket, Pig.

  • nochickenhawk (unverified)

    Yes, and another reason and example of why DeFazio and Blumenauer are gutless wonders. Don't run against Bushie Smith. Just sit back in your little secure House seat running up nice pension credits and receiving medical benefits that the rest of us will never receive. Peter can play chairman of his postage stamp committee and Earl can ride his little bicycle around--don't provide us with any expected leadership--don't take any risks. These two schmucks are what term limits are all about! Oh well, maybe the "grand design" of our political "leadership" in this state of ours says flip floppin Smith is best for us after all. Remember what a famous basketball coach once told Connie Chung about the subject of rape: "If you know you are going to get raped, why not sit back and enjoy it?"

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    Remember what a famous basketball coach once told Connie Chung about the subject of rape: "If you know you are going to get raped, why not sit back and enjoy it?"

    I'm pretty sure that was the Republican candidate for Governor of Texas in 1990, Claytie Williams. Source:

    A verbal blunder derailed the 1990 governor's campaign of Republican Clayton Williams, a millionaire Texas oilman. Williams joked to reporters that rape was like weather, saying, ``as long as it's inevitable, you might as well lie back and enjoy it.'' Williams lost to Democrat Ann Richards.

    But that's way off-topic...

  • ws (unverified)

    Really, do you have to use a picture of a graceful, spirited dophin to visually emphasize the gordon's desperate contortions? It's insulting to the dolphin. Something like a poor mackeral flopping about next to a fisherman's bait bucke might be more accurate.

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    Was wondering why nobody was calling Smith out over his vote on the Feingold-Reid amendment.

    Ahem, Mitch. :)

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    Yes, ws, apologies to Flipper.

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    Posted by: torridjoe | May 17, 2007 11:42:34 PM</blcoqkuote> Well, I was mainly referring to party representatives to the media, not those in the blogsphere who like.. you know.. get it.
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    Mr. Chisolm, I moved here from Texas in 1997, and I remember that campaign well. Half of us had to pick our jaws up off the floor on the way to vote for Ann...and the other half (fortunately less than the voting half!) just laughed themselves silly. It was crazy.

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    <h2>Let me see if I can actually spell your name correctly Mr. Chisholm!</h2>
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