Steve Novick, Howard Dean, and the Iowa Caucus

Over at MyDD, there's a story posted by Nate Willems - who was one of Howard Dean's regional directors in Iowa. He relates the tale of the time that Steve Novick spent campaigning for Dean in Iowa in 2004.

Two of my new organizers were young, nicely dressed, and had been working in the Burlington HQ before being shipped out to Iowa for the final push. The third guy was 40ish, 5 feet tall (generously), and had a metal hook instead of a left hand. "I'm Steve Novick," he said.

"What in the heck am I supposed to do with this guy?" I wondered to myself.

Faced with a near-impossible challenge in Montgomery County, Iowa (going up against the local powerhouse family, working for John Kerry) Steve Novick took it on with relish:

I encouraged him to, "Just try to keep it close." Novick got in his car with our Montgomery County lists, a cell phone, and a map and went to work. I spoke to him each night as he reported his numbers: contacts, 1's, 2's, 3's, etc. It was mind-numbing work that made you feel, at times, like a glorified telemarketer.

Ultimately, Novick pushed Montgomery County, Iowa to a second-place finish with numbers that were seven points higher than Dean's statewide average.

Cue Willems:

Steve Novick has decided to run for the Unites State Senate and I am excited. The Senate is a far better place than it was just last year, however, it still lacks someone of Paul Wellstone convictions and stature. Aside from Novick, not many Harvard Law graduates choose to pass up the big money of large law firms and work in the Environment Division of the United States Department of Justice, or work on behalf of Democratic candidates and as a community activist. Steve Novick has committed his life to public service and standing up for progressive candidates and ideas. The United States Senate would be a better place if Steve Novick is elected.

Steve Novick came out to Iowa in the middle of Winter to support and fight for Howard Dean. For that alone, I would ask that you visit his website and donate to "The Fighter With the Hard Left Hook."

'Nuff said. Discuss over there.


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