Busy days at the Oregon Legislature.

There's a whole lot happening at the Lege these days. Here's a roundup...


  • Jesse O (unverified)

    Looks like the Homebuilders are smiling today.

    When they can get by with a $2,000 fee on a $200,000 house to deal with $16,000 of new school impact, and share the costs with non-residential uses that don't drive school capacity, they've got to feel like they came out a winner.

    This is totally different than other impact fees (known in Oregon as SDCs), which can actually charge new development for its impact.

  • George Seldes (unverified)

    Even better is what did NOT pass yesterday --- the biofuels subsidy bill (HB 2210). The session's not over, but encouraging nonetheless. More here if you are interested:


  • Miles (unverified)

    The House gave final approval to the majority sign-up "card check" law for public-sector unions.

    So let me get this straight: Currently, in order to form a public-sector union, employees have to vote in a secret ballot election, where no one can pressure them to vote a certain way or shun them if they don't. Under this new law, all union organizers have to do is collect signed cards from workers. . . allowing them to harrass, intimidate, and pressure workers until they sign.

    I'm a full-throated supporter of unions, but there are lots of good reasons why a public employee may not want his or her workplace to organize. This bill is more about rewarding union donations to Democratic campaigns than it is about respecting and protecting actual employees. Shameful.

  • LT (unverified)

    I agree with Miles. While unions do many good things, anyone claiming no one from a union ever tried pressuring someone to see things their way (workplace or politics) in a way not inclined to coerce rather than win friends and influence people needs to get out more. No group is perfect--there are people in any group whose words/actions go over the line. And there are people who have belonged to unions but not been pleased by something or other. Individuals have the right to think for themselves, the right of free association(or lack thereof), the right to decide for themselves what is admirable and what is offensive. Not just my opinion--a friend who was once a union employee said the same thing.

  • Shaun (unverified)

    Did you know that politicians are exempt from the Federal Do Not Call registry?

    There is a new non profit organization, Citizens for Civil Discourse, starting a National Political Do Not Call registry.

    <h2>You can learn more at: http://thinkdodone.typepad.com/ccd/</h2>
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