Clem & Berger to offer temporary hold on Measure 37

Representatives Brian Clem (D-Salem) and Vicki Berger (R-Salem) have reportedly joined forces to introduce a new bill (yes, at this late date!) to implement a moratorium on Measure 37 until voters have their say this November.

Of course, if you listen to Oregonians in Action or NW Republican, this signals the end of the world.

Or, as they would put it: THE !!!END!! OF THE !!!WORLD!!!

Brian Hines, on the other hand, offers some calm and sanity:

The world isn't coming to an end. My understanding is that the hold on Measure 37 claims will limit claimants to what they'd be able to do under the HB 3540 fix: three homes on farmland or groundwater limited land, or via the "express lane option," and ten homes otherwise.

That's eminently reasonable. Why should a rich developer be able to rush ahead and put hundreds of homes on irreplaceable farmland or forestland, when the voters of Oregon likely are going to say, "No way" this fall?

Tomorrow, Clem and Berger will introduce their legislation - and be joined by former Governors Barbara Roberts (D) and Vic Atiyeh (R).

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