College World Series: Go Beavs!

BeaversbaseballToday, the Oregon State Beavers defend their reign as the national champions of college baseball. Game 1 (of a best-of-3 series) starts at 4 p.m. today.

What's this all about? From ESPN:

His Oregon State Beavers are living such a charmed life at the College World Series that [coach] Pat Casey no longer considers bunting with one out a roll of the dice. ... One would have never guessed the Beavers would be beating the three teams in the manner they have here -- never trailing -- if they'd checked in with Casey's club a month ago.

On May 20, Arizona State was wrapping up a three-game sweep of Oregon State -- the first suffered by the Beavers in Corvallis in four years. The outcome left OSU on the short end of three straight Pac-10 series and 8-13 in the conference heading into the final three regular-season games at UCLA.

"I don't know what the odds were [then]," Casey said Wednesday in regard to his club getting a shot at defending its crown, "but I'm pretty sure there's a couple of guys happy they bet on the Beavs." ...

Unlike last season, when it lost its CWS opener before winning six elimination contests en route to the title, Oregon State has the look of a squad that expects to be carrying off another coveted piece of hardware come Sunday or Monday.

How unlikely was a shot at repeating? Not even the coaching staff thought the Beavs would return to the World Series:

Oregon State undergraduate assistant coach Kurt Steele will now be around for the end of OSU’s season. Steele flew back to Corvallis on Thursday morning to get ready for his wedding on Saturday; on Sunday morning, he and his new wife - the future former Kathy Gellatly - will fly back to Omaha for the finish of the CWS.

Meanwhile, Governor Ted Kulongoski put his love of Beavers baseball on the line - betting on the Beavs against North Carolina Governor Mike Easley (D). As usual, it's a food bet. From the Charlotte News-Observer:

Should Carolina win, Kulongoski will send Easley a basket of Oregon-made products, including Pacific seafood, local cheeses, craft beer and hazelnuts.

If North Carolina loses, Easley will send a pound of barbecue, a bottle of barbecue sauce and a pint of slaw from both Wilber's Barbecue in Goldsboro and the Barbecue Center of Lexington. Easley also will send a case of Cheerwine.


  • mbraymen (unverified)

    One down, one to go. I think Ted's cheese, beer et al. are safe again. Go beavs!

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    Playing on another level right now, and pretty much getting all the breaks. But no doubt the pitching for the Beavers has been dynamite, the defense better. It's hard not to think you're watching AAA ball the way they work it in the infield, particularly Barney and Wong. That is a phenomenal DP combo.

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    You could really tell that NC's pitching crew was tired tonight. Lots of errors, balls, and even hit a few batters.

    Beavers really dominated tonight. I really enjoyed watching the game. They're quite the team and work well together.

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    I started to write a post here about how improbable it is that the Beavers are one win away from a successful defense of their national title, and the post got so expansive I decided it was inappropriate to put it here and so I just put in on my blog.

    So if you are interested, go there and give it a read.

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    Mmm.... bring on the BBQ.

  • Eric J. (unverified)

    If you know the can sing along...

    O S U our pants are off to you! Bad in sports and academics too. With bug ugly majoretts smoking all the cigaretts at O S U - Screw you! See the team go tearing down the field With cow manure hanging on their heels Hell, hell, hell, hell It's really hell at O S U.

    ..and now back to your regular blogging :)

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