It's never too late to take a stand after it's too late.

Stephen Colbert wasn't talking about Gordon Smith, but he might as well have been.


  • JohnH (unverified)

    So when should we expect Gordon Smith to deplore the fact that so many endangered salmon died in the Klamath River...and to blame someone else for it? If only he had known in advance!

  • Delia (unverified)

    yeah, do you think Gordy's going to want to answer any questions about this one at all? Actually, this is even worse than Iraq for him. He can act all anguished about that. If he backtracks on Klamath, he loses the farmers; if he holds firm, he loses the fishermen and the enviros and everyone who hates Cheney.

  • Mike Austin (unverified)
    <h2>It would almost be worth getting expanded cable just to be able to watch Colbert and Olberman...</h2>
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