Jeff Golden loses public radio gig

After Wednesday's news that Jeff Golden is considering a run for the US Senate, southern Oregon's Jefferson Public Radio decided that he should no longer host the program "The Jefferson Exchange", reports the Ashland Daily Tidings.

Ron Kramer, executive director of JPR, said after the Daily Tidings first reported that Golden is considering a run for the U.S. Senate, the station and Golden “reached a mutual agreement that it was not feasible for him to continue” hosting “The Jefferson Exchange.”

Kramer said he was “entirely unaware” that Golden, a former Jackson County commissioner, had political aspirations until Tuesday, the day before the Tidings ran its front page story. ...

In a statement released by JPR, Golden said, “I think JPR owes it to its listeners and members to avoid giving advantages of any kind to possible political candidates, and four hours of air time every day is plainly an advantage.”


  • nutmeg31 (unverified)

    Well, the story run in the Medford Mail Tribune states that Jeff Golden resigned on-air after rumors surfaced that he is considering a run against Smith.

    Regardless how the decision was arrived at, one must applaud the decision of avoiding the perception that Golden would have an advantage in the campaign should he remain on-air. I wish him the best in his decision.

  • (Show?)

    As opposed to, say, Fred Thompson.

  • Garlynn -- (unverified)

    Jeff just became 10x more serious as a contender. Without a permanent day job now, he has very little to lose by running. He is now free to become a full-time candidate, and I wish him the best of luck.

    <h2>This race just keeps on getting more and more interesting!</h2>
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