OSU Beavers rule! Back-to-back champs!

Ncaa_u_oregon_state_275Without a single loss in the College World Series, the Oregon State Beavers have won a second national championship in college baseball.

From the AP:

The first title was hard for Oregon State. The repeat seemed easy.

Oregon State ended one of the most dominant runs in the 61-year history of the College World Series with a 9-3 victory over North Carolina on Sunday night. The Beavers became the first team in a decade to capture consecutive national titles.

They did it by winning all five of their CWS games, including a sweep of the Tar Heels in the best-of-three finals. The Beavers (49-18) trailed for only one of 45 innings they played in Omaha, and they became the first team to win four CWS games by at least six runs.

"To be able to come to this tremendous tournament -- the best athletic event on the face of the Earth -- and to run through it pretty good, it's pretty special and it's a huge tribute to the guys," Oregon State coach Pat Casey said.

Read the rest at ESPN - and watch their video coverage.


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    My TEAM!!!!!! Proud grad from OSU! My hat is off to you. Beavers, Beavers, Beavers proud and true! OSU! OSU! Give me an O! Give me an S! Give me an U! Oregon State University!

  • mutmeg (unverified)

    Congratulations! Certainly something w/no political implications whatsoever; and something all Oregonians can agree on!

  • Eric J. (unverified)

    If you know the notes...you can sing along...

    O S U our pants are off to you! Bad in sports and academics too. With bug ugly majoretts smoking all the cigaretts at O S U - Screw you! See the team go tearing down the field With cow manure hanging on their heels Hell, hell, hell, hell It's really hell at O S U.

    ..and now back to your regular blogging :)

  • Susan (unverified)

    Dam those Beavers are good! I am proud to bleed orange and black...

    and to the twit who posted the "O S U - Screw you!" version of the Beavers fight song ---- Screw you too!

  • Jay (unverified)


    Don't sweat the "alternative" fightsong lyrics, Eric J. is probably just a Duck, upset because Phil Knight hasn't bought himself a baseball team to play with yet... :-)

    I'm actually grateful to Eric; I graduated from OSU, but spent my freshman year at UofO. Some of my dorm neighbors were football players and sang the pants-are-off song frequently around Civil War time, but sort of like Louie-Louie, I could never make out the lyrics past the first line...

    Glad to see they're not obscene, as I assumed they were! Go Beavers!


  • Eric J. (unverified)

    To actually give equal time here....

    Here's to our old alma mater Where the men of iron are found In the bushes with the co-eds Making love upon the ground (uhh uhh) This goes on 'till early morning When the cops break up the fun (oh my!) It's a military wedding For the sons of Oregon!

    ...niether Duck or beaver am I.

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    I'm stoked for the Beaver repeat (which I watched every inning of since Super-Regionals on through), but not nearly as stoked as my favorite sports bloggers over at Deadspin:

    O-State Ballaz

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