Richard Devlin takes over as Senate Majority Leader

Richard_devlinThe Oregonian reported yesterday that Senator Richard Devlin (D-Tualatin) was elected by Senate Democrats as their new majority leader.

Devlin, who served three terms in the House and is in his second term in the Senate, will succeed Sen. Kate Brown of Portland, who has announced that she will not seek reelection next year.

"I am honored by the trust my colleagues have put in me and I am committed to fulfilling that trust as we work together to build a stronger Oregon," Devlin said in a statement following the election.


  • Tamerlane (unverified)

    Hmm... it's sort of funny to think that the recent Willamette Week rankings might have had something to do with this. Probably not. Even so, it's worth remembering that Devlin ranked number one.

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    This session I had the good fortune to work closely with Senator Devlin on The Joint Ways & Means Education Subcommittee and the Ways & Means full.

    Senator Devlin consistently showed detailed knowledge on a variety of issues; a dogged determination to get things done; and a disarming manner that led to brokered deals on important legislation.

    A citizen-legislature desperately needs legislators with institutional memory and Senator Devlin most certainly possesses this quality.

    I cannot comment how Senator Devlin will fare as Majority Leader, but I can tell you that Senator Devlin has an encyclodpedic knowledge of state issues, incredible stamina and determination, and an often effective negotiating style capable of defusing tempers and shifting the focus to problem-solving possibilities.

    Congratulations to Senator Devlin, and I look forward to working with my Senate Colleagues to increase our numbers for the '09 session.

  • Bill R. (unverified)

    Richard Devlin is a study in how a good guy can make good. He is a hard worker who defeated one of the meanest politicians to ever hit Oregon, Bob Tiernan. He is respected by Oregonians across the board and is skilled at forging coalitions around issues and legislation. He is to be congratulated! I might add as a former constituent of his, he is very responsive to constituent service.

  • Sock'dSalmon (unverified)

    About 4 months ago I attended a workshop for citizen activists where Devlin was the featured speaker and I came away very impressed with 1) the depth of his knowledge, 2) his committment to getting down into the weeds to make sound policy choices based on what actually works, and 3) his open and supportive attitude toward citizen education and involvement. That his colleagues also see him as an effective leader of their diverse interests is a bit of a surprise, but speaks volumes. I hope his leadership responsibilities will not diminish his impressive input into public policy issues. Terrific talent, incredibly hard working. We are fortunate to have him. All Best Wishes.

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    Senator Devlin is certified smart and knows budgets almost as well as anyone in Salem. He is also very hard working and a big picture thinker so he will do well with the political side of this job. If you look at his electoral history you will find quite a few impressive wins, he knows what it takes to get elected.

    My concern is that I had hoped he might look at higher office and while the Senate and the legislature will benefit from this move it does mean that he is putting his caucus and the legislature as his focus and other moves will have to wait.

    Democrats and Oregonians who want to get stuff done can count on Senator Devlin.

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    About a month ago, a whole bunch of our local activists went down to Salem to talk to our senator (D) and reprepresentative (R).

    The Senator gave 'em a few cursory minutes. Our rep ducked the whole thing. They did, however, chance into a longish discussion with Richard Devlin who (as has been noted above) has an encyclopedic knowledge of the issues.

    When one of our activists recounted all of this to me and wondered at Devlin's accomodating attitude (even though he doesn't represent our district) I reminded her that Devlin came up as a grassroots activist who busted his ass against Tiernan twice, with no help from the caucus in the first instance.

    Kate Brown has left some impressive shoes to fill, and I salute the Dems for choosing Devlin for the job.

  • Portland Dem (unverified)
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