Ross Island deal appears back on track

From today's Oregonian:

All it took was a face-to-face meeting between Robert Pamplin Jr. and two mayors to resurrect the deal to turn Ross Island over to city of Portland.

Pamplin, the minister and mill owner, sat down Monday with Mayor Tom Potter and his predecessor, Vera Katz, in a last-ditch attempt to salvage negotiations over the island's future.

The result: the city and Pamplin's Ross Island Sand & Gravel appear headed toward a deal, in large part because Pamplin agreed to give up the right to retake the island if he dislikes how the city is using it and to allow limited public access.

"I think this became a transaction between his lawyers and the city's lawyers, when what needed to take place was people sitting down at the same table and talking face to face," said Travis Williams, executive director of Willamette Riverkeeper, a watchdog group. "In all of these meetings, he was very open about taking suggestions. He should be applauded for that effort."


  • Shadow (unverified)

    The City of Portland owes a great deal of thanks to Mayor Vera Katz for thoughtfully saving a generous gift to the city that the incompetent Tom Potter almost botched...again. Potter, well known for disrespecting people with wealth and philanthropy (out of jealousy), no doubt had to take his little foot out of his mouth and apology to start off the meeting. Thanks also to Bob Pamplin for having the good judgment to not hold Potter's and his handlers' incompetence against the citizens of Portland.

    We have to end the ongoing waste of taxpayers' money on on booddoggles like visioning. By the way, where's the accounting on Potter's $250,000 handout "grants" to anyone (yes, anyone) who promised to deliver a questionnaire or two? It's time for light to be shed on the waste on Potter's pet project; the one he says will be his most important achievement.

  • (Show?)

    Generous gift? Are you high?

  • raul (unverified)

    Awesome! The kind Dr. Pamplin will be gifting us with his toxic craphole- all we had to do was beg a little more.

    With the mess and crud this site has added to the Willamette, and the cost to clean this place up, we as a city should take this site AND make the good Rev. clean up the mess that he made. No Dr., you cannot make any more messes until you clean up the ones you have already made.

    All that we do is let these rotten captains of industry make more and more money at our expense, when the real place for the great Dr. Pamplin is in the stockade, while being forced to read his own paper and listen to his own right wing radio station- ( that would up the audience to maybe 20 )

  • Shadow (unverified)

    Land is always a generous gift; even a run down house can be restored. And like water, you can't make any new land. If we could, otherwise crappy little houses in North and NE Portland would not be selling for over $300K.

    Okay, so what's the alternative? Let a group of developers and investors buy the island and put up more riverside condos like the PDC keeps funding.

    Remember, many Portland streets and buildings were built with Ross Island concrete, and no one was complaining about where that material was coming from.

    Potter knew to beg because one day, the island will be santuary for birds and wildlife.

  • BlueNote (unverified)

    For those that think the Ross Island donation is a good deal for Portland - I hear that the US Department of Energy may be willing to donate Hanford to Portland as well! Over twenty miles of beautiful Columbia riverfront, priceless bird nesting sites, native salmon spawning beds, etc. There may be one or two small unresolved environmental issues, but nothing Portland's taxpayers can't handle.

    <h2>Please direct inquiries c/o Sen. Gordon Smith, Washington DC.</h2>
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