Action Alert! Tell the nation that the Simpsons are from Oregon.

Bart_and_homerAt Blog for Oregon, Jenni Simonis brings news of an important action alert.

It seems that the Simpsons are about to reveal which Springfield is the true home of the Simpsons. There are Springfields in Colorado, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Louisiana, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and - of course - Oregon.

Everyone in Oregon knows that the Simpsons are from Oregon.

Now, we just have to tell the rest of the world.

Right now, go vote. Bring the Simpsons home to Oregon. (The vote doesn't require any personal information, just click on the star marked "Oregon")

Do it now.

Update: Moments after this post went up, Governor Kulongoski urged Oregonians to vote for Springfield, Oregon.

Today Governor Ted Kulongoski encouraged his fellow citizens to support Springfield, Oregon’s bid to host the premiere of The Simpsons Movie by casting their vote online by July 9.

“With Simpsons creator Matt Groening a native Oregonian and references to our state littered across the show, I think it is clear that the Simpson’s Springfield is Springfield, Oregon,” said Governor Kulongoski. “In Oregon we have always held a special place in our hearts for the Simpsons family and it would be an honor to welcome them home for their movie debut. I encourage all Oregonians to join me in voting for our Springfield.”



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