Forget global warming. This is Spinal Tap.

Leslie Carlson

Probably the most exciting news that I've heard in my middle-aged life--one of the things I've yearned for all these long, boring years--is finally coming true. It took Al Gore, a man most famous for a movie about a PowerPoint presentation, to bring the awesome power of Spinal Tap back to stage and screen. With their song "Warmer Than Hell," they are sure to rock the house(s) at tomorrow's Live Earth concerts.

If you are watching tomorrow (or if you going to see Spinal Tap in person), make sure you wave your foil-wrapped cucumbers high in the air for Nigel, David and Derek and for the visionary genius of manager and promoter Marty DiBergi.

I think I just might faint if they break into "Stonehenge."

  • SteveP (unverified)

    I'll have it turned up to eleven.

  • (Show?)

    Thanks SteveP. I was beginning to think that there were no BlueOregon fans of Spinal Tap out there.

  • (Show?)

    Oh my God. How many drummers have they been through since the last time we all saw them?

  • nutmeg (unverified)

    Actually, the drummers were the pattern species warning us all of Global Warming :-)

    I hope that the lads have all graduated to 7 string bass.

  • danny bee (unverified)

    Spinal Tap might want to consider polar cities, too. See the google search under "polar cities" or visit my chatroom at

    it's getting later earlier and earlier.....

  • david (unverified)
    <h2>I think nutmeg is right. As you may recall, while not as dramatic as the drummer who chocked on someone else's vomit and died, one of the drummers spontaneously doubt, a canary in the coal mine. Stop driving your SUV or global warming may combust you as well.</h2>

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