New Poll! Smith is in deep, deep trouble...

Over at Stop Gordon Smith, the DPO has released the details of a new poll conducted by the DSCC. It seems that Oregonians aren't falling for Smith's bamboozlin' ways.

A poll conducted for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee shows that Oregon Senator Gordon Smith’s approval rating has dropped precipitously since the beginning of the year, with only 37% of likely Oregon voters now approving of his job performance and 54% disapproving.

His approval rating has plummeted - and for the first time, we've got "re-elect" numbers on Gordon Smith. The question - "Will you vote to re-elect ...?" is considered the gold standard for determining whether an incumbent is vulnerable.

We won't steal their thunder here, so head on over to to see just how bad it is for the well-dressed junior Senator from Oregon.

Discuss over there.


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