Romney & Edwards lead in Oregon fundraising

The AP reports that Mitt Romney and John Edwards are leading the money chase in Oregon.

Among the 2008 presidential hopefuls, Democrat or Republican, Romney has raised by far the most from Oregonians.

According to new totals from the Federal Election Commission, Romney has raised about $326,000 in the state.

The Republican is doing well in states like Oregon, with large Mormon populations.

After Romney, Democrat John Edwards is next in the money race in Oregon. The former Senator from North Carolina has raised about $208,000 in the state.

He's followed by Hillary Clinton, with about $125,000, and Barack Obama, with about $115,000.

Who are you supporting for president? Have you donated yet? If so, why? If not, why not?

And for an amazing way to look at the contribution data, be sure to check out the NY Times interactive money map.


  • Peter Bray (unverified)

    Romney is presumably grabbing cash from the large LDS communities of Eastern Oregon...

  • (Show?)

    Um, or even the ones in Portland.

  • Marshall Collins (unverified)

    Who do I support: John Edwards

    Have I contributed financially: No

    Why? To put it quite simply. I can't afford to right now. One thing for sure is none of the candidates running right now are hurting for dough. All are fairly well off personally and they all have great teams assembled to get cash. My contribution to John's campaign has been my voice. I take every chance I can to tell people that I support John Edwards and that they should too. And if they want to know I tell them why I, and they, should vote for him. I am sure in the eyes of the candidate bean counters it isn't much but hopefully, for the sake of our country, it will be enough.

    Edwards '08!

  • pdxskip (unverified)

    I now have a policy of not contributing to a candidate until AFTER they are nominated by the party.

    Sad to say but too much backroom dealing and various DNC shenanigans over the years has turned this old Democrat into a bit of a cynic.

    But once we have a candidate....I'm READY TO RUMBLE.

  • (Show?)

    I support Obama and have donated twice now to his campaign. Even though they have been reasonably small donations (mostly because I'm unemployed), I will continue to donate to his campaign and once my situation gets better donate more then I have been.

    I will say this is the first time I'm made a cash donation to a presidential campaign (I've donated by buying merchandise in the past).

  • Yamhill county (unverified)

    Fred Thompson BABY...Everyone else is just a wish!

  • Marilyn LeBaron (unverified)

    [off-topic gibberish deleted. -editor.]

  • Marilyn LeBaron (unverified)
    <h2>[off-topic gibberish deleted. -editor.]</h2>
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