Teacher, I Need An Extension

Deborah Barnes

Here it is summer but I am continuously being reminded about school. Normally in my class there will be a student who asks for an extension to finish a video production. So, when I read the headlines this morning regarding the military asking for an extension I thought of my students.

"Lt. Gen. Raymond Odierno told he would need beyond September to tell if improvements in Iraq represent long-term trends."

I am not feeling good about changing the dates on this assignment. I get the impression this student would continue to ask for extensions into the future and may never turn the assignment into me at any time. Maybe I just don't have the patience anymore when I hear things like:

"In order to do a good assessment I need at least until November," said Odierno, a deputy to Gen. David Petraeus, the U.S. military commander in Iraq.

Odierno briefed Pentagon reporters by video link from Baghdad. Also on Wednesday, Petraeus and Ryan Crocker, the top U.S. diplomat in Iraq, participated in a classified question-and-answer session with lawmakers, also via satellite. Crocker later testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Throughout the sessions, the officials warned that making strides toward security and political goals could take more time than first thought.

I am losing patience regarding the excuses but should I just allow this student an extension? Frankly, the mid-term report didn't really indicate the "student" was understanding what I was saying to begin with and that concerns me. Perhaps a note to his "parent" might be in order.

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    Thank you Deborah. In a typical month, about how many of your students are killed before that one kid finally turns in his once-again-delayed assignment? Bush's ongoing occupation of Iraq will go down in history as the Dark Times, when America failed it's promise to it's citizens and the world, and allowed Democracy and Justice to die. If the history books are even written. PLEASE Call your US Rep today at 800-828-0498 and tell them to uphold their Constitutional obligation and IMPEACH BUSH & CHENEY. Be nice to the staffers, but tell them you are deadly serious and pissed off and you want your Rep to step up and begin the impeachment process. Do this now!

  • Sid Leader (unverified)

    If Brother Ray was in MY class, it'd go something like this:

    "Yes, little Raymond, you may turn in your spring 2003 school assignment, "Winning An Unwinnable War, aka Cowards of The County II" a few months late, sure thing, but I will have to mark you down two entire grades!"

    Don't forget your bibliography, little boy!!!!

  • dddave (unverified)

    Dear Deborah, Your precious Dems have the ability to vote and defund the ware in Iraq. They campaigned on this very issue, but they are unwilling to put their money where their mouth is, why is that? Why waste time with non-binding resolutions? Cut the freaking funding and let's see what happens, this is what you were elected to do. And Glen, please, impeach? We lost 58,000 in Vietnam. According to the dems the job in Iraq is not and has not been worth the 3500 casualties. At this rate, please explain what the democrats would consider acceptable loses in any military encounter, none? Only those attacks on American soil? Are you also in favor of a more unstable middle east and nukes for Iran? Just what the hell is your stance on military force?

    Look, if you want to prosecute a war, elect your guy to the the Presidents office. You dont call the the shots from Congress, you only sign checks, so stop signing the checks, even if the only thing that ever happens is that we do not have to listen to that idiot asshole Harry Reid.

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    I am disappointed the Democrats in Congress have not been able to come to a consensus and find a way to end this pain for our Country. I cannot speak for them and can only ask them to do what is right.

    As for electing "my guy" as President...I did. The Supreme Court took my right away when I voted years ago.  I am actually shocked whenever I see a Bush bumper sticker anymore.  I just don't see why someone would want to advertise their support for that man.
  • Sid Leader (unverified)

    Dear dddave,

    Once upon a time, there was a President named Bill Clinton. He saw thousands of Muslims being slaughtered in their very own country, Bosnia, and he declared war to stop the slaughter.

    A year or so later, the U.S. won that war with ZERO loss of life.

    Oh, the Republican cowards, like you, Speaker Newt Gingrich, Sen. Trent Lott, Senator John McCain, were all AGAINST that war?

    Remember, dddave? Let me help freshen your memory.


    History is such a bItch, huh Triple D?

    Buh bye, since you ain't coming back here no more, are you?

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    Well first of all let me state that we don't need to be calling anyone foul names (in reference to DDD's comment about Reid) Yes, I pick on Gordo, but I don't go around calling him an idiot asshole. Let me remind you that Reid is a US Senator, regardless of how you feel about him show him some respect.

    Second, the Republicans (as stated before) opposed Clinton's intervention in Bosnia. I realize sometimes military force is needed, the American people deserve the truth as to whether it is working and if not why the hell aren't we getting out.

    Third, intervention in the problems of the Middle Eastern doesn't always have to be along the lines of McCain's famous, "bomb, bomb, bomb" policy. If that's how we chose to deal with all the problems in the world, we might as well get it over with now and save ourselves some time (sarcasm implied).

    Lastly, if you can't at least offer some constructive feedback to a column and are only capable of a drive-by mouth foaming regurgitation of the Republican talking points, then don't bother in the future.

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