Bruce Hanna elected House GOP Leader

Beaver Boundary delivers the news of the Oregon House Republicans' leadership election.

As widely expected by just about any observer of the Oregon House of Representatives over the past 8 months, Oregon House Republicans today elected Representative Bruce Hanna of Roseburg as the Minority Leader.

Hanna’s team, who were also elected by the 29 GOP members in a closed caucus, includes some newer faces to GOP leadership: Representative Andy Olson of Albany as the Deputy GOP leader, Representative Gene Whisnant of Sunriver as the Minority Whip, and Representative Linda Flores of Clackamas as Deputy Minority Whip. Representative Dennis Richardson of Central Point moves from the Whip role to chair the House Republican Policy Committee.

And a comment.

Invariably, however, this leadership shuffle is nothing more than a reflection of the old adage: a rearranging of deck chairs on a slowly sinking ship. What indicators are there for a tanking House GOP? Well, 7 members of the caucus aren’t coming back, many of whom have held leadership roles (Scott, Minnis) or were slated for selection into leadership soon (Boquist).

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