Carla Finds a New Beau, Leaves LO

Well, that was fast.  No sooner had the ink dried on the day's big press release than our friends at Loaded Orygun lost a founder.  Carla is off to join the Merkley campaign:

Beginning August 15, I am taking a hiatus from Loaded Orygun.  I'm doing this because I've agreed to be the Netroots Organizer for the Jeff Merkley for US Senate campaign.

I began discussing the position with the potential leaders of Merkley campaign a few weeks ago. I've spent time talking over my options with my family and going over our financials.  I also considered my support for Steve Novick—who I have profound respect and affection for—and came to the conclusion (especially after meeting with Jeff) that working for Jeff is the right thing for me.

I believe that he is best suited to take on Gordon Smith. I also believe that Jeff Merkley will be a phenomenal US Senator for Oregon. And I want to be a part of it.

The move also means Carla had to spurn Willamette Week, but she describes the Merkley gig as her dream job.  She won't completely vanish from Loaded, either: her departure is set for two weeks from now, and she'll post diaries about Merkley thereafter.  No doubt TJ will miss her. 

This is a Loaded Orygun story, so discuss it over there.


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