Smith '08: Ty Pettit is out; endorses Merkley

The Oregonian reports that businessman Ty Pettit has dropped out of the race against Gordon Smith. He had been officially in the race for over a year - but hadn't been actively campaigning.

Portland businessman Ty Pettit on Tuesday announced he was ending his Democratic primary race for the U.S. Senate. "Dropping out of the race just seems practical at this point," said Pettit, noting that he is busy building a new manufacturing business.

He's endorsed Jeff Merkley:

Pettit said he would back House Speaker Jeff Merkley over Portland lawyer Steve Novick, the two Democrats currently in the race. "I think (Merkley) is the most qualified candidate running and the most likely to give Gordon Smith a run for the money," said Pettit.

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    Isn't this "news" several days old?

  • Adrian R (unverified)

    I don't know about that, but I do know it was inevitable.

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    Ty was a tireless worker for the Kerry campaign. His work on "Businesses for Kerry" was greatly appreciated.

  • pdxskip (unverified)

    Never knew he was running for anything. Is his withdrawal just a joke?

  • LiberalIncarnate (unverified)

    Ty never really made his run "official" and I believe that his chances suffered as a result. However, his leadership will continue to be an effective channel for the progressive vote.

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    Actually, his run was "official" in that he filed with the FEC -- but he never raised any money.

    Stephanie, I have no idea when this "news" was made, but the Oregonian reported it today. I've been watching for it, too.

  • George Seldes (unverified)

    May I suggest that B.O. STOP referring to the race for the soon-to-be junior Democratic senator's seat as "Smith '08" in headlines? It's not his seat, and the emphasis should not be on him---he is merely a placeholder whose wealth and privilege (and ceaseless backing from the Big O) during a unique time allowed him to grab the seat temporarily.

    "Senate '08" works just as well, and doesn't create the impression that the purpose of the race is simply to attack this mediocre man.

  • spicey (unverified)

    very good point, George. Thanks

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    Yes, George, an excellent point.

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    It's heartening to see George make such a sterling point about framing. Perhaps there is hope after all that the left can lose it's framing tin ear.

  • Tetrault (unverified)

    Not exactly on topic but it's about the Smith organization: A wing-nut colleague got a call the other day from the Smith '08 committee, "Would you contribute $100 towards his re-election?" "No! In fact I'll actively work against him!" "Would $50 be a good number?" "No! I'll work with a RINO before I'll contribute to Smith!" "How about $15? Does $15 work for you?" Click.

    <h2>Even the wing-nuts know a weasel.</h2>
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