Wyden reflects on the Iraq town halls

WydenthoughtfulOver at his website, Stand Tall for America, Senator Ron Wyden has written a blog post reflecting on the Iraq town halls that generated so much controversy last week.

I hold open town meetings in every county in Oregon each year, but after over 450 of those meetings as a Senator, I have never before witnessed the level of intensity and emotion that I encountered at my recent Iraq-focused meetings. Over 700 people attended these forums, about 150 of them spoke, and many more submitted written comments. The almost unanimous thread in what I heard is that people have had enough.

Along with reflecting on the town halls, Wyden talks about his efforts to bring the war to a close, addresses the question of impeaching President Bush and Vice President Cheney, and shares his interactions with opponents and supporters of the war.

It's a long and reflective post. Visit Senator Wyden's Stand Tall for America to read the rest. Discuss over there.


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