Bill Lunch Calls Out Gordon Smith

Well known Oregon pundit Bill Lunch states that Gordon Smith has a more conservative record than he cares to admit, in a post at

No matter how hard he tries, Gordon Smith can’t hide his conservative voting record.

Yesterday, Bill Lunch, arguably Oregon’s most quoted non-partisan political pundit, explained that Smith is trying to gloss over his conservative voting record with a moderate veneer.

“Smith, who was handily re-elected in 2004, is seen by Democrats as particularly beleaguered this election cycle in part because of his loyalty to President Bush, who is wildly unpopular in the Beaver State with its left of center political leanings.

Bill Lunch, a political science professor at Oregon State University, said Smith has tried to paint himself as more moderate than his voting record indicates.”

The post notes some particularly conservative aspects of Smith's record:

Although Oregon is a pro-choice, pro-environment state that opposed President Bush in both 2000 and 2004, Smith hasn’t gotten the message. Here is the conservative record Smith doesn’t want Oregonians to know about.

-Anti-Choice Record. Smith has earned a 15 percent score from pro-choice advocates.
-Voting 90 percent with President Bush. Yes, Smith agrees with nine out of 10 decisions this president makes!
-Anti-Environment Record. Smith has earned a 14 percent score from environmental advocates.
-Veterans Record. Smith earned a failing, 40 percent score from Disabled American Veterans.

It's good to see people outside of the Democratic party calling out Smith on his record. Read the rest and comment at


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