Dan Gardner on Outlook Portland

On Sunday, Labor Commissioner Dan Gardner will appear on Outlook Portland with Nick Fish.

He discusses the big changes in labor law from the 2007 legislature - including noncompete agreements, family leave, employment nondiscrimination, and more. And he talks about the presidential race, Gordon Smith's labor record, why he endorsed Jeff Merkley, and why you should hire a union electrician.

Outlook Portland airs on Sunday at 6:30 a.m. on KCRW (broadcast channel 32, or Comcast channel 3.)


  • Kurt Chapman (unverified)

    Yep, way to go on the Family Leave changes. Precluding injured workers from Family Leave protection now means that the employer is free to terminate an injured employee that does not wish to return to work in a light duty job properly certified by a physician.

    Yep - way to go

  • Nelsons (unverified)

    Dan Gardner is simply amazing.

    He's a real guy who just happens to be an elected official.

    <h2>Don't get me wrong, I like Merkley and I'm supporting him, but part of me wishes that it was Dan Gardner running against Gordon Smith.</h2>
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