Democrats' Oregon Summit Approaches

In less than two weeks, the Democratic Party of Oregon will once again hold its biennial Oregon Summit in Sunriver. The summit will be a chance to meet and hear from Democratic candidates, officials, and participate in various panels and workshops.

From the Oregonian:

When Oregon Democrats gather for their big biennial "summit" in about a week and a half, there will be speeches, strategy sessions and plenty of blue-hued partying.

Despite heavy interest in contested primary races for U.S. Senate, attorney general and secretary of state, organizers of the summit opted not to stage any give-and-takes among candidates.

"Early on, we had considered it," says Trent Lutz, executive director of the state party. But not all the candidates had announced. Among those that had, there were disagreements about format. "It just became unviable," Lutz says.

Attendees will get to see US Senate Candidates Jeff Merkley and Steve Novick speak side by side. The summit will also be capped with a keynote speech by Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, a rising star amongst Democrats in the west.

The DPO has an overview of the summit as well as the full program. You can buy tickets here. Who here is planning on attending?


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    I'll be there - already registered.

    Now I'm just trying to find a place to stay while I'm there.

  • Bend Visitors Bureau (unverified)


    We recommend staying in one of the many houses vacated by snowbirds and Wussy Californians who run south at the first report of water falling from the sky.

    As we like to say here in Bend "They have big houses and they're not here."

    Visit the Chamber of Commerce or particapting KFCs to pick up a key.

    Thanks for visiting our community.

    The Bend Visitors Bureau.

  • Brent (unverified)

    The Summit's going to be great- I'm particularly looking forward to the keynote address with Brian Schweitzer and meeting other Dems from around the state. See you there!

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    Hi, I'm going. I'd love to carpool out with someone on Friday afternoon. If you've got room in your vehicle, please get in touch. Albert - albertkaufman @

    I'm looking forward to meeting folks, sharing my thinking for the future of the state and perhaps blogging from the event.

    Thanks for getting this thread going! To the Summit!

  • Jack Lorts (unverified)

    Welcome to the Other Oregon--here east of the mountains. A great chance to see Merkley and Novick side-by-side, see all the Secretary of State and Attorney General candidates at the same time, and hear rousing speeches by two governors, our senator, congress members, etc. For political junkies, it's a no brainer.

    And you rural progressives out there, our DPO Rural Caucus will be participating in a discussion of "Turning Red to Blue--Democratic Victories in Red Counties." It's an on-going battle we have here in Eastern Oregon. Come visit us at The Summit!

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    I'm moderating a session on internet activism on Sunday with TJ from Loaded Orygun, Carla from Loaded/Merkley, and Tom Turnbull and Alex Williams from Splashcast.

    I'd really appreciate it if some of you net-savvy folks could come to the session to help others learn to post and comment on blogs, make video and upload it to YouTube and Splashcast, and use Facebook, Actblue, and other internet technologies to support candidates and causes.

    We're going to make half the session hands on, and TJ has generously allowed us to use Loaded Orygun for our lab. We'll have wired and wireless access for the session, so please bring your laptops!

    It's going to be fun!

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    I'd be glad to help out. I'll have my laptop with me, so I can work with some people on it.

    And thanks to everyone with their offers for a place to stay. It was much appreciated. It's so much easier when you can split the cost of a place to stay with others. Usually I head up with a group and we rent a house, but that didn't happen this time.

    Plus sharing a place with others is so much more fun.

    Can't wait to see everyone there. The Summit is always so much fun, as well as educational.

    <h2>Wish I could offer to carpool with others, but my family is actually heading up several days early for a vacation with my husband's parents. They're on the way, so we're going to stay for a few days before I continue on to Sunriver.</h2>
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