Elections Complaint Filed Against Gay Rights Opponents

In a statement, Basic Rights Oregon announced that a complaint has been filed with the Oregon Secretary of State's office against groups opposing two recently passed gay rights laws. The complaint specifically accuses two groups of unlawfully soliciting donations:

According to the complaint, an organization called "Concerned Oregonians" and another group are misleading voters by claiming that contributions to their efforts are eligible for a "dollar-for-dollar" political tax credit of up to $100.

In fact, only contributions made to legitimate ballot measure and candidate campaigns are eligible for Oregon's Political Tax Credit. According to the complaint, Concerned Oregonians, which has been soliciting support and donations from individuals and churches, is not a political action committee at all. The other group is not a campaign or ballot measure committee and donations to its efforts are not eligible for the credit.

The deception doesn't end there:

The complaint also notes that Concerned Oregonians claims to be a co-sponsor of the referenda, and is collecting donations based upon that assertion, when it is not.

"We are very concerned that these groups are misleading donors and failing to comply with the law," said John Hummel, Executive Director of Basic Rights Oregon. "These groups are advising churches and voters on election law, but they aren't following the laws themselves."

Read the rest. An online copy of the complaint is also available. Is this what it takes for gay rights opponents to drum up support these days; election fraud?


  • Inthewoods (unverified)

    Read this, http://www.oregoncatalyst.com/index.php?/archives/796-Sec.-of-State-Create-Giant-Campaign-Loophole.html

  • Bert Lowry (unverified)


    This is a different issue. Our Oregon doesn't claim that you can get a $100.00 tax credit if you donate to them; Concerned Oregonians does. It's misleading fundraising and, what's worse, if people claim the $100.00 tax credit, they will be breaking the law. The Department of Revenue doesn't like people claiming deductions and credits they don't qualify for.

  • (Show?)

    Bert, you are correct that these are seperate issues.

    Buried in Leonetti's piece among some half-truths about the rules that govern 501(c)4 groups like Our Oregon is this fair point:

    There is no reason why advocacy groups that spend money to influence the outcomes in ballot initiative campaigns in Oregon should not be required to file the same kinds of state campaign finance disclosures that pacs supporting such measures are required to file.

  • Anon (unverified)

    Although the gist of the lead piece is correct, the statement below is misleading.

    "In fact, only contributions made to legitimate ballot measure and candidate campaigns are eligible for Oregon's Political Tax Credit."

    There are Misc. Committees that don't fit the exact description above.

    Obviously, by not filing as any PC, this group is in the wrong.

  • Larry McD (unverified)

    Where's Vladimir Golovan when they really need him???

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