John Edwards to Visit Oregon

Presidential candidate John Edwards has announced two campaign stops in Oregon on October 9th.

From the Oregonian:

Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards will be in Oregon on Oct. 9 to address both labor and business audiences. The former North Carolina senator will be in Seaside in the morning to speak to the Oregon AFL-CIO, the state's main labor federation. That evening, he will address the annual dinner of the Oregon Business Association.

The labor appearance is pretty typical for Edwards. A major part of his strategy this year has been wooing labor unions. He might get a more mixed reception at the business dinner. Although the group is more politically moderate than other major business groups in the state, it does have a number of Republican members.

Lynn Lundquist, the outgoing president of the business association, said state Sen. Margaret Carter, D-Portland, helped arrange for Lundquist and Tom Kelly, a board member of the group, to meet with Edwards when the candidate held a fund-raiser in Portland in May. Lundquist said that encounter led Edwards to agree to speak at the business association dinner.

Read the rest. Edwards was previously in Oregon in May, when he hosted a public town hall event and spoke at an anti-war rally in Portland. What other presidential candidates might we be seeing in Oregon in the near future?


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    Will we be seeing Edwards in Oregon Oct. 9, if we're not going to the convention or the annual dinner? I'd like to have the chance.

  • Nina (unverified)

    I was a cautious (still investigating) Edwards fan until I read about his Universal Health Care Plan. I was with him on it until he says people will be REQUIRED to visit their doctors. Women will be REQUIRED to obtain regular mammograms.

    REQUIRED, people. State Mandated Health Care. John Edwards wants the Government to MANDATE that you go to the doctor and WHEN. Freedom of choice does not exist in his plan and therefore, he has completely lost me in terms of offering any support. I hope other Edwards Supporters become aware of this and speak up about it, encouraging Edwards to do the right thing--let government foot the bill for health care but leave the decision making up to the people and their health care practitioners.

    For further reading, go to this link.

  • Grant Schott (unverified)

    I'm surprised Edwards is returning to OR, unless there will be a fundraiser in the mix which is likely. With his relatively low poll numbers he needs to spend every day he can in the first four states, unless he is raising money elsewhere.

  • Ste. Goldie (unverified)
    <h2>My friend just met John Edwards at The Henry downtown!</h2>
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