Stevie Wonder gets political at Edgefield

Base_imageThe Oregonian's review of Stevie Wonder's show at the Edgefield:

Wonder came out on stage with his daughter, Aisha Morris, and spoke to the crowd. "First of all, I want to say I love everyone," he began, before talking about the impetus behind his new tour, his first of the United States in more than a decade: the death of his mother. It's a sign, as well, of Wonder's generosity of spirit that the passing of a loved one could bring him back to, not anger or resentment, but spreading his own enduring joy and love.

All of which is not to say -- not for a moment! -- that he's lost the progressive awareness that's led him to be such a voice for social change over the years. "Living for the City," for example, holds up eerily well as a reminder of the plight of the urban poor. And on the anti-hate "Visions," he sang some new lyrics: "I can't believe in 2007 we're still doing the same thing... Louisiana. You know what I'm talking about."

Still, Wonder summed himself up best at the end of his show, when he stood and addressed the audience again. "You were born with a free spirit... We all are born free and forgiven," he said. How we live depends on our own individual choices. The heart that pumps our blood has an equally important task: to spread love. Then he got explicitly political: Next year when you make your decision and vote, he said, choose someone who will make us "a united people of these United States."

Bush has the Right Brothers, we've got Stevie. And as goes Stevie, so goes the nation.

[Hat tip to the Mercury for the Steve Wonder drum solo. Incredible.]

  • East Bank Thom (unverified)

    Shoot. Reading "Stevie Wonder" in the headline, i thought the Novick campaign was on a roll with back-to-back threads here on Blue0.

    Still, happy Labor Day weekend y'all.

    [Disclaimer: I celebrated Labor Day this year in Munich on May 1. There was a real nifty worker's march. Ja, und i had a big ol' Hefeweizen & a Pretzel too!

  • Bill R. (unverified)

    Love you too, Stevie!

    Small reminiscence from an old fart- Back in the fall of 1967 when I was a student in Italy, a friend of mine went out on the town in Rome. The next day she reported that she and some mutual student friends in our group found a night club with some wonderful performers. They talked about a sensational young African-American performer that had the place rockin'. He had a smile that fills the room and a body that never stopped moving. She said his name was "Stevie Wonder." "Never heard of him," I replied. She said, "You will."

  • Mousie Dung (unverified)

    "Art which makes a social statement must first have value as art" - Mao

    How about "Stevie Wonder Gets Real"?

  • (Show?)

    I love Stevie Wonder. Many years ago at the DMV in New York City I saw one of the greatest public service posters ever. It was Stevie Wonder and he was saying, "Before I'd get in a car with a drunk driver, I'd drive myself."


  • Bob Tiernan (unverified)

    Stevie Wonder:

    "I can't believe in 2007 we're still doing the same thing... Louisiana. You know what I'm talking about"

    Bob T:

    There we go -- "Stevie gets political; Stevie gets stupid". The preparation and response to Katrina was all about making sure that blacks got smacked hard again. Yeah, this kind of bullshit is real progress.

    <h2>Bob Tiernan</h2>

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